Preview Director Award Activities

Complete a total of ten (10) activities.

Service Activities

Complete three (3) activities. The first activity is required.

Activity 1 (Required): Bring a friend who is a nonmember to a PBL local chapter meeting or activity. (Upload a scanned photo of you and your friend at the PBL

Activity 2: Participate in activities promoting your chapter (i.e., recruitment projects, chapter events, American Enterprise Day, or FBLA-PBL Week. (Complete the interactive report form and upload at least one.)

Activity 3: Participate as a member of your chapter's committee for the nationallysponsored Community Service Day during FBLA-PBL Week. (Upload a press release about your chapter's project, notes from one of the committee meetings you attended, and a picture of the event.)

Activity 4: Partner with another campus organization for a joint event. (Upload a photo and complete the interactive report form.)

Activity 5: Help another campus organization or a faculty member with administrative tasks. (Complete the interactive summary form.)

Activity 6: Participate in a local chapter membership induction, offi cer installation, or emblem ceremony. (Upload a news release which includes a photo of the event written in proper format.)

Activity 7: Assist your local chapter president with an activity. (Upload a 100-word description of the activity.)

Activity 8: Participate in an activity for the March of Dimes. (Upload a photo and complete the interactive March of Dimes report form.)

Education Activities

Complete three (3) activities. The first activity is required.

Activity 1 (Required): Complete the Goal Setting Worksheet. (Complete the interactive worksheet.)

Activity 2: Select and interview a person who is currently employed in a job that interests you. (Complete the interactive interview form.)

Activity 3: Attend a job fair or career expo. (Upload a 100-word paper describing the experience and a business card from one of the businesses you networked with.)

Activity 4: In proper letter format and addressed to your local chapter adviser, describe your strengths and your weaknesses. Include how you plan to overcome your weaknesses. (Upload letter.)

Activity 5: Prepare a list of 15 interview questions. Include how you would respond to each question. (Upload questions and responses.)

Activity 6: Go to the PBL section of the National Web site. Click on Job Bank. Click on View Jobs. Click on a job that interests you. (Complete the interactive summary form.)

Activity 7: Complete the online Personality Test. (Upload a 100-word paper describing the results and what it means to you.)

Activity 8: Participate in a national program such as i-Safe, Junior Tours, NLC Internship, Stock Market Game, or Brainbench. (Complete the interactive summary form.)

Progress Activities

Complete four (4) activities. The first three activities are required.

Activity 1 (Required): Attend three local chapter meetings. (Upload copies of the agenda from each meeting.)

Activity 2 (Required): Complete the PBL Internet Scavenger Hunt on the FBLA-PBL national Web site. (Complete the interactive form.)

Activity 3 (Required): Participate in Membership Madness. (Complete the interactive Membership Madness form.)

Activity 4: Write an article about your chapter's activities for your state newsletter or for the PBL Business Leader. (Upload a copy of the article.)

Activity 5: Prepare contact information for a possible guest speaker for a PBL meeting and write an introduction for this speaker. (Upload a copy of a letter inviting this speaker to your chapter and a copy of the speaker bio/introduction.)

Activity 6: Write a letter asking a business to donate money towards chapter activities. (Upload a copy of the letter.)

Activity 7: Make an electronic or PowerPoint presentation designed to recruit new PBL members. (Upload a copy of presentation.)

Activity 8: Attended your State Leadership Conference the previous year. (Upload a 100-word paper describing the events you participated in and the experience of the conference. Include one photo of yourself and your chapter members at the conference.)

Activity 9: Complete the online quiz about FBLA-PBL. (Complete the interactive form.)