5 Steps to Success

Recruiting members is easy! Follow these five steps and watch your chapter numbers rise.

1. Develop a Recruitment Plan

  • Discuss your chapter’s goals and objectives. Where do you see your chapter in six months? A year?
  • Assess your membership. Has it increased or decreased?
  • Set a recruitment goal.
  • Develop a membership profile. What types of people will help your chapter succeed? What are their interests? Where do they hang out? What kind of publicity attracts their attention?
  • Determine a recruitment period. Will you allow students to join at any time or only during a predesignated recruitment period? Will you hold a mass meeting or is membership by invitation only?
  • Sell FBLA-PBL and the membership benefits. What are the membership incentives? How will you personalize your message to each potential member?
  • Remember why you joined. This is one of your most valuable tools in designing a recruitment strategy. What attracted you? How did you hear about FBLA-PBL? Why did you stay involved?
  • Emulate success. How have other successful chapters recruited members?
  • Evaluate your strategy.

2. Design & Implement a Campaign

  • Ask members with artistic talents to design posters, flyers, banners, etc.
  • Develop a timeline.
  • Advertise early.
  • Post around campus.
  • Promote in your classes and to other groups.

3. Orient New Members

  • Plan a welcome meeting or ceremony.
  • Train new members. Hold an orientation and periodic training sessions. Well-trained, well-educated members feel a sense of ownership over their chapter.
  • Elements of a successful orientation program include:
    • members’ rights and responsibilities;
    • organization governance and operation policies and procedures;
    • organization history, traditions, and programs;
    • assimilation of new members into the organization; and
    • an overview of planned annual activities.

4. Evaluate the Process

5. Repeat Steps 1–4