Emblem Ceremony


Modify this ceremony for your division: FBLA, FBLA-Middle Level, or PBL.

Materials Needed:

  • Tall Candles: white, gray, green, violet, blue, yellow, orange, red
  • Official Charter
  • Names of Charter Members, New Officers, or New Members
  • Download the Crest from the Image Library

President: Welcome to the FBLA‑PBL Emblem Ceremony. Our emblem or shield illustrates the importance of our mission to inspire and prepare students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.

Secretary: Progress represents the challenge of tomorrow, which depends on mutual understanding and cooperation of business, industry, labor, religious, family, and educational institutions and by people of our own and other lands. (Place “Progress” on display.)

Treasurer (or other officer): Future reminds us the future of the world depends upon the quality of leadership we are able to produce, and with FBLA‑PBL we will be the business leaders of the future. We must learn to recognize how and where our individual talents will be useful. (Place “Future” on display.)

Reporter (or other officer): Business is our world. To be successful in business, a person must be educated both formally and informally in business methods and procedures and in the basic principles of our economic system and government. (Place “Business” on display.)

Historian (or other officer): Leaders represent the search for knowledge in order for us to become better citizens. This knowledge will prepare us for the great task of leadership ahead. (Place “Leaders” on display.)

Parliamentarian (or other officer): America. Finally, we think about America. The future of America depends on our generation. We should pledge ourselves to use our abilities to make America a better place for everyone. (Place “America” on display.)

President: All the words together stand for Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda. The emblem stands for our organization, which provides opportunities for each member to become a leader of tomorrow.