Chapter Officers

Student officers are the backbone of chapter operations. The local chapter and adviser determine the number of elected officers for their chapter. Most chapters elect a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Roles might extend to class representatives, who report upcoming activities to their respective classes.


Review the chapter officer duties for an overview of each office, and see the Bylaws for FBLA or PBL, Article VII, Sections 1–6 for a list of duties by office.

Look for student leaders who will fulfill these responsibilities:

  • facilitate an environment where all members can grow professionally;
  • keep members informed about all organizational activities;
  • include all members in a dynamic program of work and welcome their suggestions;
  • conduct the chapter business in proper parliamentary procedure and maintain complete, current records and minutes; and
  • encourage individual and chapter participation in district/ regional, state, and national conferences.


When considering officer candidates, look for members who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the organization and motivated to get their hands dirty. At a minimum, you need two officers to run your chapter: president and secretary. However, five to seven officers are optimal.

Elections may occur in the spring or at the beginning of the school year. You may opt to elect officers from the floor; however, FBLA-PBL recommends selecting officer candidates through an application-screening process. Notify qualified candidates, then present them to members during a chapter meeting.

Each candidate may give a one- to two-minute speech before members vote. A hand vote, voice vote, or ballot vote is acceptable. Refer to your local chapter bylaws for election procedures. See the Bylaws for FBLA and PBL, Article VI, Sections 1–7 for an example of the national process for electing officers.


Candidate Qualifications and Duties

Candidate Application

Candidate Interview Form

Officer Leadership Activities