Candidate Qualifications & Duties

All candidates must:

  • be a paid member in active status
  • have attended at least one conference
  • have completed at least 1 [BAA for FBLA; CMAP for PBL] level

If you are considered and qualified to apply for an officer position, we will hold an interview with you at a later date.

Duties and Responsibilities of Officers

1. As an officer, you are a member of the Executive Board. This officer team plays a vital role in planning projects, workshops, and events. Your main duty is to be a contributing and supportive member of the team.

2. All officers are required to attend all Executive Board meetings, General Meetings, and Local Officer Training.

3. Officers are expected to possess strong knowledge about [FBLA/PBL] and be able to intelligently discuss ideas and issues affecting the chapter.

4. Additional responsibilities of an officer include:

  • Prepare and present activities related to your office to the chapter
  • Prepare and deliver appropriate presentations when asked to visit schools, conferences, and at business and civic groups
  • Communicate with [FBLA/PBL] members
  • Recruit new members and chapters
  • Contribute ideas for improving our [FBLA/PBL] chapter

5. Work closely with the adviser(s). Keep him or her informed at all times.

6. Officers shall serve as a model representative for [FBLA/PBL] public relations. Officers are called upon many times to make presentations before adult and student organizations and at times will need to miss school to represent [FBLA/PBL].