Below are the basic duties of chapter officers for FBLA and PBL. See the Bylaws for FBLA or PBL, Article VII, Sections 1–6 for a list of basic duties by office.


  • preside over all meetings and prepare an agenda for each meeting
  • keep in close touch with other officers, members, and adviser
  • represent the chapter at special functions
  • show the qualities of a leader
  • plan and prepare documents for all activities

Vice President

  • preside over meetings in the absence of the president
  • oversee all committees or teams
  • assist the president
  • take charge of preparing the Local Chapter Annual Business Report


  • prepare the local chapter Program of Work (with collaboration from all of the officers)
  • prepare and read all minutes of meetings (preparing minutes means to take accurate notes of motions and type them according to the state guidelines; such minutes will be kept in a permanent book and should be readily available at all meetings)
  • handle general correspondence of the chapter
  • keep an accurate membership and attendance roll


  • keep accurate, up-to-date financial records
  • assist in the collection of money for dues and money-making projects
  • prepare treasurer’s report for each meeting
  • take charge of preparing one of the reports submitted at the State Leadership Conference


  • prepare news release or articles for the local chapter of all FBLA activities within one week of the activity
  • submit articles to the national publications, [Tomorrow’s Business Leader/PBL Business Leader]
  • prepare an annual scrapbook


  • see that chapter meetings are conducted in an orderly manner according to the rules of parliamentary procedure
  • maintain an accurate and up-to-date scrapbook of the chapter’s activities
  • take charge of preparing one of the reports submitted at the State Leadership Conference