March of Dimes Fundraising Ideas

Here are just a few ideas about things you can do to raise money for the March of Dimes. All of these ideas can easily be adapted. Get creative and have fun!

  • Be Artistic: Decorate a water jug, bucket, or jar and collect coins in your office, at your school, or at any meetings.
  • Coin Weigh-in Competitions: Compete against other departments at work, at classes, or at school to see who can collect the most coins in terms of weight. Have a competition to guess the weight of the winning container of coins before the final weigh in.
  • Hold an Auction: Ask local businesses to donate items for your auction.
  • Conduct a Mile of Dimes: Raise a Mile of Dimes.
  • Sell Something: Hold a bake, craft, or rummage sale at your work, school, place of worship, or community center. Clean out your closets and ask friends and family to donate items they no longer use. Sell your second hand items and delicious baked goods at cheap prices to support your fundraising efforts.
  • Have Penny Wars: See who can collect the most pennies.
  • Fountain Donations: Contact your local mall or shopping center and ask them to donate the change collected in their fountain.
  • Coin Drives: Hold a coin drive at a local sporting event.
  • Cookies for Coins: In exchange for a donation, allow friends, family, and colleagues to decorate a cookie and then enjoy the tasty treats together.
  • Design Contest: Have each department at work or school decorate a piggy bank. The winning pig is the one that collects the most donations.
  • Spaghetti Dinner: Host a spaghetti dinner at your local school, place or worship, or community center. Sell tickets and collect donations to support the March of Dimes.
  • Stores & Supermarkets: Ask a local store if you can set up canisters at the checkout for customers to drop in their change.