Program of Work

The next steps in building a chapter are to develop a program of work and set up committees to help complete chapter projects.

The program of work is a written action plan consisting of goals, strategies, and chapter activities as determined by your chapter officers.

Chapter committees plan all activities, and since members support what they help create, each chapter member should serve on at least one standing committee.

Suggested Committees

Appointed committee chairs prepare brief project reports for every completed project. Many chapters have the following ongoing committees to build chapter involvement:

  • Professional Development—Plans icebreakers and finds guest speakers for meetings; coordinates business tours and social activities.
  • Community Service—Facilitates chapter’s community involvement by coordinating service activities.
  • Fundraising—Plans chapter fundraisers in support of chapter activities, including conferences, seminars, travel, etc. More:
  • Recruitment/Membership—Plans recruitment and retention activities.


Local Chapter Monthly Report

Local Chapter Monthly Financial Report