Sample Point System

A point system is helpful in the analysis and evaluation of the participation of each member. It will be used as the basis for attendance at the leadership conferences, awards, and other activities.

The following is a list of activities and suggested points for each:

  • Attendance at general meetings—20

  • Contestant in competitive events—20

  • Fundraising activities—20

  • Assistance with committee work—20

  • Holding an elected office—20

  • Committee chair—20

  • Recruit a new member—10

  • Attendance at special and social events—10

  • FBLA-PBL activities, field trips, guest speakers—10

  • Attendance at regional/district/state conferences—10

  • Attendance at workshops—10

  • Attendance at state executive board meetings—10

  • Attendance at national conferences—10

  • Recruiting a professional division member—10