Competitive Events 

Equipment for Competitive Events

LCD projectors with VGA and HDMI ports will be provided for all performance events requiring PC computers. However, participants must provide their own computer/device for all events. Participants may bring their own LCD projectors. Participants using Apple products or other devices that do not have a VGA port or HDMI port will need to provide their own adapters. There will not be any scheduled practice time to set up projectors.

Internet access will be provided in the performance rooms for the following events:


  • Computer Animation
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Global Analysis & Decision Making
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Network Design
  • Social Media Challenge
  • Website Design


  • 3-D Animation
  • Coding & Programming
  • Computer Game & Simulation Programming
  • Digital Video Production
  • E-business
  • Electronic Career Portfolio
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Public Service Announcement
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Website Design 


Competitive Event Schedules

Preliminary Schedules: FBLA | PBL

PBL Competitive Event Schedule

FBLA Competitive Event Schedule


PBL: Competitive event finalists will be posted throughout the evening on June 25.

FBLA: All competitive event finalists will be posted at 5:00 a.m. on July 1.

The following PBL events will only have a final performance at NLC:

  • Computer Animation

  • Forensic Accounting

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Strategic Analysis & Decision Making

  • Website Design

Competitive Event Conflicts

If you are competing in an event with a test and performance component, closely check the times for each event. If a test is scheduled at the same time as the performance, compete in the performance first, then report to the computer lab for testing.

PBL students registered for two online tests scheduled at the same time should complete one test at the scheduled time, then start the second test immediately after. Team members must coordinate with each other, as team events require a collaborative test effort.

PBL students registered for two performance events scheduled at the same time should immediately come to the Competitive Events Desk to resolve the conflict.