FBLA Chapter Building Basics

This checklist ensures your FBLA chapter is ready for business.

Read Your Chapter Management Handbook

Connect With Your State Adviser

Contact your FBLA state adviser to learn about events and activities in your state. Make sure he or she has your key contact information so he or she can send you updates, information, and provide local technical support.

Connect With Your School’s Business Office

You’ll need to pay membership dues, so find out how your school processes membership dues, travel funds, and conference registration fees.

Get To Know School Policies And Procedures

Many FBLA activities require travel to off-campus events, both day and overnight. Learn about your school’s excused absence policies, chaperone requirements, substitute teacher processes, and other procedures.

Check on Funding Support From Your School Or District Office

How is federal Carl Perkins or state Career Technical Education (CTE) funding used at your school? Some districts allow funding to support transportation, lodging, educational resources, study materials, conference registration, and/or adviser professional development. Find out if there are restrictions on fundraising (e.g., nutritional issues with candy sales) or service activities.

 Give Your Chapter Visibility

Many schools have a yearly activities calendar. Include your key FBLA events. This also is an effective recruitment tactic.

Meet With Your School’s Counselors

Connecting with school counselors is a key way to ensure your business, marketing, management, and information technology courses are full of great students—and potential FBLA members. Help counselors understand the academic rigor and relevance of FBLA; show them the FBLA competitive events program so they can see how FBLA fits into class curricula.

Find Co-Advisers

Ask your fellow teachers to join as co-advisers. Talk with your business department chair, fellow CTE/ business class instructors, and other teachers. Co-advisers do not need to travel or sign up for after-school assignments. Their assistance will help you build an award-winning program and multiply your success.

Integrate FBLA Into Your Classroom

FBLA is a cocurricular educational tool. Provide time for meetings and projects in class. Introduce the competitive events program and Business Achievement Awards as class projects. Treat each of your students as an FBLA member and ask them to join!