National Officer Code of Conduct

FBLA and PBL National Officers are governed by the Code of Conduct. This Code is designed to guide your actions throughout the year and requires judgment on your part.

National Officers will:

  1. Conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner, refraining from language and actions that might bring discredit to the association.
  2. Participate fully in all appropriate activities, conferences, workshops, business meetings, etc. for which they have responsibility.
  3. Abide by the requirements of the FBLA-PBL dress code.
  4. Take and follow instructions as directed by those responsible for them.
  5. Avoid places and actions which, in any way, could raise questions as to character or conduct.
  6. Treat all members equally.
  7. Not damage or deface property. Damages to any property or furnishing in hotel rooms, private accommodations and/or buildings will be the responsibility of national officers.
  8. Communicate to appropriate conference personnel any circumstances preventing them from carrying out predetermined plans at assigned conferences.
  9. Not wear any campaign materials at the National Leadership Conference, nor are they allowed to campaign for a candidate or serve as a campaign manager, except when campaigning for oneself.
  10. Not violate any state or federal laws.

National officers who violate any of the above subject themselves to:

  1. Being removed from the FBLA–PBL conference and/or activity and sent home at their own expense by their local/state chapter adviser in consultation, when appropriate, with the FBLA–PBL chair of the board of directors and/or the president/CEO, and/or National Officers staff liaisons, and/or conference director.
  2. Have any honors or offices withdrawn.