America Activities

Members must complete 15 activities and must complete the Future, Business, and Leader levels to continue to the America level. The form must be submitted by the local adviser by April 25. Pins are presented at the National Leadership Conference (NLC).


Advisers: Share this page with your members and have them complete the activities. Members save their work locally. Once you have verified members have completed the activities, submit this form.

Students: Save and document your work using any of the following methods:

  • Google Docs/Dropbox
  • Flash Drive/Share drive on your school server
  • Journaling/blogging platform
  • Social media platforms

When you have completed the activities, have your adviser verify your work and submit the award form.


**Please Note—Please review the Tallo online profile instructions with your student (Activity 11). Remind them to share the profile with you when they have completed all activities for the America Level. Once you approve the profile and all activities for the America Level, submit the entry/submission form for the America Award. Upon the completion of this level, all students will have a detailed online e-portfolio through Tallo which they may share with potential colleges and with scholarship entries. Student profiles may also be exported into a hard copy resume format. Students have the option of sharing as little or as much of their profile as they wish. Review the privacy policy.


Complete four (4) activities from this section. The first three (3) are required.

Activity 1 (Required): Communications/Information Technology
You are helping to spread the FBLA message by service as a volunteer FBLA recruitment intern. Complete the FBLA International Recruitment Project. You will use the country and the information that you compiled for the Leader level. Click here for instructions and requirements for the report. (Save a copy of the report, your electronic presentation, and your brochure).

Activity 2 (Required): – Communications/Information Technology
Participate on a committee to plan a free enterprise project for elementary or junior high students. As part of this project, design a free enterprise board game or card game (i.e. bingo, etc.) to help students learn these concepts. (Prepare a copy of a news release and a description and rules for the game.  Save a digital photo of students playing the game, and a record a video teaching students how to play the game).

Activity 3 – Service Learning/Communications
With your local chapter community service project committee, plan a project to help benefit animals (i.e. walk dogs from the local animal shelter, collect pet food for an animal shelter, raise money for pet causes by organizing a pet photo session, plan a special awareness event during Be Kind to Animals Week in May, collect and sort newspapers to donate to a local animal shelter, etc.) Prepare a news release. Make sure to include a photo.

Activity 4 Service Learning/Communications
During FBLA-PBL Week, do something special for your local or state adviser for Adviser Appreciation Day. (Take a selfie with your adviser and post the photo on your chapter’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter page with #We Appreciate Our FBLA Adviser).

Activity 5 Service Learning
Plan and participate in leadership project of your choice that is designed to help your local chapter recruit and retain members and that has been approved by your local chapter adviser. (Prepare and save a one-page memo to your adviser describing your project and what you learned).

Activity 6 Communications
Contact local businesses to find door prizes for members for drawings for local chapter meetings. (Prepare and save a copy of a letter asking businesses for donations).

Activity 7 Communications/Service Learning
Help your local chapter sponsor an environmental slogan contest and an environmental project of your choice for your school. (Prepare a news release with at least one photo).

Activity 8 Communications
Work with your local chapter adviser to plan a special Power Lunch meeting with chapter members. Invite a guest speaker from business. (Prepare and save a copy of a program. Take a group selfie and post of one of your chapter’s social media outlets with #Networking).

Activity 9 Communications
Help prepare a skit about financial literacy and present to middle level students. Plan a project where students use the information that you taught them. (Prepare a news release with at least one photo).


Complete six (6) activities from this section. The first three (3) are required.

Activity 10 (Required): Information Technology
Go to one of the popular blog sites such as or and start your own blog using FBLA and leadership as topics. (Save a link to your blog).

Activity 11 (Required): Information Technology/Communications
Complete your E-Portfolio project by updating your Tallo Profile. You must prepare and include include a 30-second sales pitch about yourself and uploads of several projects that you have worked on throughout the America level. Click here for instructions as to what to include on your online profile.

Activity 12 (Required): Informational Technology/Communications
Create a Tomorrow’s Business Leader cover and feature story about the upcoming National Leadership Conference with at least three photos and two quotes for the spring issue of Tomorrow’s Business Leader, FBLA’s national publication for members. Include at least one photo on the cover as well as a bulleted list of articles that are inside this edition. (Save copies).

Activity 13 Communications/Social Media
Create a LinkedIn profile that includes your photograph (a headshot), a summary about you which includes a link to your autobiographical scrapbook, education background, job experiences, skills, honors, and awards. (Save a link to your profile).

Activity 14 Communications/Information Technology
Develop a FBLA game show, a FBLA music video, or a reality show about FBLA. Prepare a story board using electronic media such as video, YouTube, podcast, etc. (Save a copy of your game show, music video, or reality show).

Activity 15 Technology/Communications
Develop and post a YouTube video about how FBLA has helped you prepare for your future career. (Save a link to your video).

Activity 16 Communications
Plan and prepare a report for district/regional, state, or national competition (i.e., Business Plan, American Enterprise Project, Community Service Project, Local Chapter Annual Business Report, or Partnership with Business Project.) Save a copy of the report.

Activity 17 Technology
Research virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and holographic entertainment worlds. Discuss how this technology will reshape economics and marketing and how FBLA can use some of this information in a two-three page report. (Save a copy of your report).


Complete five (5) activities from the list below. Activities 18, 19, and 27 are required.

Activity 18 (Required): FBLA National Organization and Programs
Complete Membership Mania. Go to Membership Mania Award. Don’t forget to request your digital badge from Tallo.

Activity 19 (Required): FBLA National Organization and Programs
Secure a letter of recommendation about your leadership skills and why you are deserving of the America award from your local or state adviser. (Save a copy of the letter of recommendation).

Activity 20 Career Development/Business
Complete the Business Etiquette Quiz.

Activity 21 FBLA National Organization and Programs
Participate in the National Fall Leadership Conference. (Take a selfie of you and any of your members at the National Fall Leadership Conference and post on one of your chapter’s social media outlets with #NFLC 2019).

Activity 22 FBLA National Organization and Programs
Submit an application for the FBLA Distinguished Business Leader Scholarship.

Activity 23 FBLA National Organization and Programs/Recruitment
Help plan an activity for your local chapter in which you participate in a joint project or social event with an FBLA-Middle Level chapter. (Prepare a news release).

Activity 24 FBLA National Organization and Programs/Recruitment
Visit at least one school that does not have an active FBLA chapter or FBLA-Middle Level chapter. Meet with school officials to encourage them to charter or reactivate a chapter. (Complete the Good Neighbor entry form).

Activity 25 Communications
Invite a school administrator to a chapter meeting, a state meeting, or a state/national sponsored FBLA conference. (Take a selfie with the school administrator at the event. Save a copy of the photo and write a brief description of the event underneath the photo).

Activity 26 Communications/Marketing
Make a personal visit to an elected official. Research and discuss Perkins Funding. Take a photo with the official. (Post the photo on one of your chapter’s social media outlets i.e. Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with a brief description of the experience).

Activity 27 (Required): Communications/Marketing
Recruit two (2) Professional Division members.