Leader Activities

Members must complete 14 activities, and must have completed the Future and Business levels to continue to the Leader level. The form must be submitted by the local adviser by March 1. Pins are awarded at the state level with a pin.


Advisers: Share this page with your members and have them complete the activities. Members save their work locally. Once you have verified members have completed the activities, submit this form.

Students: Save and document your work using any of the following methods:

  • Google Docs/Dropbox
  • Flash Drive/Share drive on your school server
  • Journaling/blogging platform
  • Social media platforms

When you have completed the activities, have your adviser verify your work and submit the award form.


**Please Note—Please review the Tallo online profile instructions with your student (Activity 10). Remind them to share the profile with you when they have completed all activities for the Leader Level. Once you approve the profile and all activities for the Leader Level, submit the entry/submission form for the Leader Award.


Complete five (5) activities from this section. The first three (3) are required.

Activity 1 (Required): FBLA Organization and National Programs
Run for local, state, or national office, serve as a campaign manager for an officer candidate on any level, or serve in a leadership role, i.e., committee chairman. (Create a flyer or brochure for either running for office or for your committee. Save a copy).

Activity 2 (Required): FBLA Organization and National Programs
Participate in a national FBLA service program (e.g., Prematurity Awareness Month, FBLA-PBL National Community Service Day, Career Safe Online, NOYS – National Organization of Youth Safety or Lead4Change.) Prepare a memo to your local chapter adviser about what you learned.  Save a copy.

Activity 3 (Required): Communications/Leadership
Prepare a 1-3 minute electronic presentation, movie, or podcast promoting FBLA. (Save a copy of the presentation, movie, or podcast).

Activity 4 FBLA Organization and National Programs
Design three new items for FBLA MarketPlace. (Prepare and save graphics of each of your items and include rationale for each as to why they should be added to MarketPlace and why you think FBLA members will buy them).

Activity 5 Communications/Service Learning
Help your chapter organize and conduct an environmental service project, i.e., litter clean-up, donate energy efficient light bulbs to senior citizens, celebrate Earth Day, volunteer to help teachers “clear the clutter” and clean up their classrooms, sponsor a coloring contest (using an environmental picture) for elementary students after presenting a skit or presentation about the environment, etc. (Prepare a news release. Be sure to include a photo).

Activity 6 FBLA Organization and National Programs
Prepare a feature story with at least two photos about your local chapter’s community service project for Tomorrow’s Business Leader, FBLA’s national publication for members. (Save a copy).

Activity 7 Communications/Service Learning
Volunteer to be a teacher’s aide during your study hall. (Prepare a summary about what you learned. Include a selfie of yourself and the teacher that you worked for. Save copies).

Activity 8 Service Learning
Volunteer at least 10 hours of service to a charity or service organization of your choice. This must be a different organization than the one that you volunteered for when completing the Future level. (Track and save your hours on spreadsheet).

Activity 9 Service Learning/Communications
Research volunteer organizations or service businesses in or near your community (Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity, leadership groups, community colleges, AARP, senior centers, nursing homes, Kiwanis Clubs, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, etc.) and prepare a proposal concerning partnering with them on a project. (Save a copy of the proposal).


Complete five (5) activities from this section. The first three (3) are required.

Activity 10 (Required): Marketing/Technology/FBLA Organization and Programs
Update your Tallo online leadership profile.  (Click here for instructions as to what is included or added to your profile at this level).

Activity 11 (Required): Communications/Technology
Create a travel brochure and a movie or podcast (no more than one minute in length) about the NLC. Include the following information: facts about the city, how to get around, two panel spread (at least four places of interest—landmarks, attractions, etc.), historical information or a map, at least four photographs/images of the city, a brief FBLA NLC promo, and any other information for the traveler. (Save copies).

Activity 12 (Required): International Business
Create an electronic presentation or video on a foreign country of your choice (which will include an outline of your topic) to be presented at an FBLA meeting. Presentations must include: Name of country country information, things to know before traveling, making appointments, business dress, addressing others, gift-giving, entertaining, etc. (Save a copy of the presentation and your outline).

Activity 13 Career Development/Entrepreneurship
Complete a half-day job shadow experience. (Complete the job shadow form and a news release.  Include at least one photo of you on the job site with the news release).

Activity 14 Technology/Information Processing
Design an environmental newsletter for chapter members. Include ‘green’ tips for students, information on ‘green’ chapter projects, an article on the importance of recycling, an article on Earth Day including the history of the day, an article on an important environmental issue, an article about the importance of saving the rainforest, and an article about an endangered species. You must include at least one graphic and at least one photo and at least two additional environmental or green articles of your choice. (Save a copy of your newsletter).

Activity 15 Accounting
Take one of the MBA Reseach or Isograd (TOSA) certifications. (Scan and save a copy of your certification certificate).

Activity 16 Marketing
Identify the different ways that businesses compete with one another. Present your findings in a chapter meeting or in a business class. Include how FBLA can use some of these ideas to promote the organization. (Prepare and save a 1-page memo to your local chapter adviser about your findings and post a photo of you presenting your findings and  a brief description of what you learned on one of your chapter’s social media outlets i.e. Instagram, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)


Complete four (4) activities from the list below. Activity 17 and Activity 24 are required.

Activity 17 (Required): FBLA Organization and National Programs
Complete Membership Madness. Go to Membership Madness Award (There is a digital badge available for this for your Tallo Profile.  Make sure to request your badge).

Activity 18 FBLA Organization and National Programs
Serve as a voting delegate at a district/regional, state, or national conference. (Take a selfie at the conference and post on one of your chapter’s social media outlets with #FBLAVotingDelegate).

Activity 19 Communications
Prepare and present a workshop at a local meeting or state conference. Include evaluations for each attendee to fill out. The topic must relate to leadership. (Prepare and save an outline of your workshop and copies of any presentations and/or handouts).

Activity 20 Communications
Prepare and save a letter to a government official about the benefits of FBLA.

Activity 21 Communications
Write a letter that secures a donation—i.e. chapter members attending the National Leadership Conference, etc.—to attend the National Leadership Conference, for a chapter scholarship, etc. (Save a copy of the letter).

Activity 22 Communications/Information Technology
Design an advertisement and a PSA promoting FBLA national competitive events program. (Save a copy).

Activity 23 FBLA Organization and National Programs
Participate in a task that is assigned by your local chapter adviser.

Activity 24 (Required): Communications/Marketing
Recruit one (1) Professional Division member.