Preview of Action Awareness

Required Activities

Activity 1 (Required): Plan an activity for your members for each day of FBLA-PBL Week. (Upload a press release describing the daily activities and a photo of members involved in at least one activity.)

Activity 2 (Required): Plan at least one activity for CTE Month in February that is different form the activities that your chapter planned for FBLA-PBL Week. (Upload a copy of a press release describing the activity and at least one photo.)

Other Activities

At least one member or adviser participates in the National Presidents’ Forum on Monday of FBLA-PBL Week and asks one question. (Provide name of member/adviser and copy of question submitted.)

Plan a second semester recruitment drive. (Upload report describing the different activities that you conducted and include at least one photo.)

Prepare a flyer, a bulletin board, or a display promoting FBLA-PBL Week. (Upload a picture of one of your members by this project.)

Have one of your officers write a letter to their senator or legislator highlighting the importance Perkins Funding to Career and Technical Student Organizations like FBLA-PBL and share the benefits of membership. (Upload a copy of the letter.)

Have your officers or members prepare a print ad and an audio podcast about FBLA-PBL Week or a video blog done during FBLA-PBL Week. (Upload a copy of the ad and a link to the audio podcast or video blog.)

Participate in the Good Neighbor project. (Complete the online form at

Organize a second semester business tour for chapter members who have all paid dues. (Upload a one page summary of the tour, a list of participating members, and at least one photo of members in business attire in front of the business.)

Invite a professional member to speak at a local chapter meeting or event. (Upload a copy of the invitation, a photo of the professional at the meeting with officers, and a copy of the bio used to introduce him or her. This activity must be different than one of the activities for FBLA-PBL Week on the required first task.)