FBLA-Middle Level Competitive Events

Middle and junior high school school students can earn recognition and awards by competing in business and career-related academic competitions.

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New and Modified Events, Topics for 2017-18

Please review the new and modified events, and the topics for the upcoming year:

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Qualifying for FBLA Competitive Events

At the State Leadership Conferences, students compete in events testing their business knowledge and skills. Top state winners are then eligible to compete for national awards at the National Leadership Conference each summer. States may modify the events offered at the district/region and state level. Always check your state guidelines if competing at the district/region and/or state level competition.

FBLA-Middle Level Competitive Events Guidelines

Each event is governed by specific guidelines and rating sheets. Once you choose an event, please review the guidelines closely.

View and print all guidelines for FBLA-Middle Level events.

View all FBLA-Middle Level events with rating sheets.

Competitors can choose to compete in individual events or as part of a chapter team:

  • Individual
  • Chapter

Individual events focus on leadership and career development skills, such as public speaking, presentation, and business writing. In addition, students demonstrate skill-specific competencies.

There are a number of event categories competitors can choose from:

Chapter events recognize overall achievement in managing and growing an FBLA-Middle Level chapter.

For more information on participating in FBLA-Middle Level competitive events, please contact your state adviser. You may also email education@fbla.org.

Name Name Type Category
  Name for Printing Individual
Name Name Type Category
Business Math & Financial Literacy    New   Business Math & Financial Literacy --New-- Individual Objective Test
Career Exploration    New   Career Exploration --New-- Individual Objective Test
Community Service Project    New   Community Service Project --New-- Chapter Presentation with Equipment
Elevator Speech    New   Elevator Speech --New-- Individual Speech
Introduction to Computer Science & Coding    New   Introduction to Computer Science & Coding --New-- Individual Objective Test
Multimedia & Website Development    New   Multimedia & Website Development --New-- Individual Prejudged Project & Objective Test