Magazine Cover

Create a magazine cover that is about you. Choose one word that describes you for the title of the publication. Then, be sure you follow all of the requirements listed below.

Be creative and make the finished product look as professional as possible.


  • Layout: 0.5″ margins with a thin border on margin guides
  • Appropriate magazine title depicting your life in one word
  • At least four article teasers all about your life (your characteristics, your likes, your hopes and dreams, etc.)
  • Picture of self is used on background, appropriately cropped, high quality, and matching overall theme
  • Another small picture is located in a box (i.e., pet, family member, etc.)
  • Issue date and price are conveniently located on publication
  • Use at least two different graphics
  • Common layout elements (bullets, columns, etc.)
  • Appropriate use of white space
  • Grammar/spelling/punctuation
  • Overall professional appearance