All local and state advisers are responsible for protecting the use and image of FBLA-PBL’s logo and trademarked items. State and local FBLA-PBL chapters are permitted to use trademarked items without obtaining approval from national FBLA-PBL on printed materials, promotional pieces, and displays that are not sold. Written approval must be obtained from national FBLA-PBL for any item that will be sold by local or state FBLA-PBL chapters. Commercial vendors are not permitted to use FBLA-PBL trademarks, service marks, or trade names on any merchandise offered for sale or otherwise, unless vendor has been specifically granted a license by national FBLA-PBL. For logo use permission, email communications@fbla.org.

Please review the FBLA-PBL Trademark & Service Mark Policy before downloading and using FBLA-PBL images/logos. By downloading images/logos, you agree to abide by the guidelines in this policy.

FBLA-PBL Trademark & Service Mark Policy

(Brand/Logo Usage Guidelines)

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A Legacy of Leadership

2016–17 Membership Theme

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Membership Poster 

2016–17 Membership Poster

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75th Anniversary Logo

75th Anniversary Logo

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FBLA-PBL Full Logo

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PBL Logo, color (web)

PBL Logo

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