PBL National Treasurer

PBL National Treasurer

Riley Brodie
Colorado Mesa University (CO)


Riley is a compassionate, hardworking, and dedicated individual that allows his passion and work ethic drive him towards my goals. His Passion for FBLA-PBL has given him so many incredible opportunities throughout his FBLA-PBL career that have shaped his life and allowed him to grow into the leader he is today. His goal as a national officer is to share these wonderful opportunities and to inspire the same passion he has into the FBLA-PBL members. Riley is enthusiastic and loves to meet new people.

FBLA-PBL Involvement

  • PBL National—Treasurer's Action Council, Southern Region Action Council
  • PBL State—President, Executive Officer, Treasurer
  • PBL Chapter—VP of Communications, Director of Professional Division for Chapter
  • FBLA Chapter—President


  • Residents Hall Council
  • Captain of Ski Team