Director Award Activities

Complete a total of ten (10) activities. The form must be submitted by the local adviser by March 1. Pins are presented at a local awards ceremony or PBL event. Students may also request and receive a digital Director Badge from Tallo.


Advisers: Share this page with your members and have them complete the activities. Members save their work locally. Once you have verified members have completed the activities, submit this form [form coming soon].

Students: Save and document your work. When you have completed the activities, have your adviser verify your work and submit the award form.

Service Activities

Complete three (3) activities. The first activity is required.

Activity 1 (Required): Create a tri-fold brochure or flyer to promote Prematurity Awareness.

Activity 2: Volunteer to help the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, a Homeless Shelter, an animal shelter, or another charity/nonprofit organization of your choice.
Create a 30 second YouTube video about your experience and charity.

Activity 3: Participate as a member of your chapter’s committee for the nationally sponsored Community Service Day during FBLA-PBL Week.

Activity 4: Partner with another campus organization for a joint community service event.

Activity 5: Help another campus organization or a faculty member with administrative tasks.
Complete the interactive summary form.

Activity 6: Create a account.

Activity 7: Assist your local chapter president with a service activity.

Activity 8: Participate in an activity for the March of Dimes.
Complete the interactive March of Dimes report form.

Education Activities

Complete three (3) activities. The first two activities are required.

Activity 9 (Required): Complete the Goal Setting Worksheet.
Complete the interactive worksheet.

Activity 10(Required) Create a Tallo Profile (click here) and include the following: Photo of Yourself, Education, Accomplishments, Extracurricular and Community Service Activities, Major, and Business Courses, Career Interests, and your Association: Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda. Request your Member Badge.

Activity 11: Attend a job fair or career expo.

Activity 12: Email a PBL State or National Officer and describe what you have learned as a member of PBL.

Activity 13: Prepare a list of 15 interview questions. Include how you would respond to each question.

Activity 14: Select and interview a person who is currently employed in a job that interests you.
Complete the interactive interview form.

Activity 15: Complete the online Personality Test.

Activity 16: Participate in the National President’s Forum Webinar during FBLA-PBL Week.. Submit a question during the Webinar.

Progress Activities

Complete four (4) activities. The first activity is required.

Activity 17 (Required): Attend a local chapter meeting.

Activity 18 Participate in the PBL Career Connections Conference.

Activity 19: Participate as part of one of your PBL chapter’s teams in the Fall or the Spring Stock Market Game.
(All participants may earn Fall and/or Spring digital badges for the Stock Market Game from Tallo and all who attend the PBL National Leadership Conference will receive a Stock Market Game Ribbon to wear on their NLC Conference Name Badge.)

Activity 20: Write an article about your chapter’s activities for your state newsletter or for the PBL Business Leader.

Activity 21: Invite a state or national officer to attend a local chapter meeting via internet i.e. Google Hangout, Skype, etc.

Activity 22: Write a letter asking a business to donate money towards chapter activities.

Activity 23: Make an electronic presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, YouTube, etc.). designed to recruit new PBL members.

Activity 24: Attended your State Leadership Conference the previous year.

Activity 25: Visit the Job Bank at Job Target (FBLA-PBL/JobTarget Career Center) and complete your free resume and learn about benefits.
Complete the interactive form.

Activity 26: Recruit and have dues paid for at least one professional division member.