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Complete a total of ten (10) activities. The form must be submitted by the local adviser by March 1. Pins are presented at at a local awards ceremony or PBL event.

Service Activities

Complete three (3) activities. The first activity is required.

Activity 1 (Required): Create a tri-fold brochure/rack card to promote Prematurity Awareness.
Upload a copy of the brochure.

Activity 2: Volunteer to help the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, a Homeless Shelter or another charity or nonprofit organization of your choice.
Create a 30 second YouTube video about your experience and charity. Provide the link.

Activity 3: Participate as a member of your chapter’s committee for the nationally sponsored Community Service Day during FBLA-PBL Week.
Upload a press release about your chapter’s project and a picture of the event.

Activity 4: Partner with another campus organization for a joint community service event.
Upload two photos and complete the interactive report form.

Activity 5: Help another campus organization or a faculty member with administrative tasks.
Complete the interactive summary form.

Activity 6: Create a account.
Provide a screen shot of the account.

Activity 7: Assist your local chapter president witha service activity.
Upload a letter from your local chapter president describing what you assisted them with.

Activity 8: Participate in an activity for the March of Dimes.
Upload two photos and complete the interactive March of Dimes report form.

Education Activities

Complete three (3) activities. The first activity is required.

Activity 9 (Required): Complete the Goal Setting Worksheet.
Complete the interactive worksheet.

Activity 10: Select and interview a person who is currently employed in a job that interests you.
Complete the interactive interview form and submit a 100 word summary about what you learned.

Activity 11: Attend a job fair or career expo.
Upload a photo of the event and a business card from one of the businesses you networked with.

Activity 12: Email a PBL State or National Officer and describe what you have learned as a member of FBLA-PBL.
Upload a copy of the email.

Activity 13: Prepare a list of 15 interview questions. Include how you would respond to each question.
Upload questions and responses.

Activity 14: Join LinkedIn and create a profile.
Submit a link to your profile.

Activity 15: Complete the online Personality Test.
Upload a 100-word paper describing the results and what it means to you.

Activity 16: Participate in a FBLA-PBL National Center Webinar. Submit a question during the Webinar.
Upload a screenshot of the question asked and the link to the Webinar that you attended.

Progress Activities

Complete four (4) activities. The first three activities are required.

Activity 17 (Required): Attend a local chapter meeting.
Upload two photos of the meeting and an email to one of your local chapter officers describing what you learned from the meeting.

Activity 18 (Required): Complete the PBL Internet Scavenger Hunt on the FBLA-PBL national Web site.
Complete the interactive form.

Activity 19 (Required): Participate in Membership Madness.
Complete the interactive Membership Madness form and upload a photo of yourself with the five members that you recruited.

Activity 20: Write an article about your chapter’s activities for your state newsletter or for the PBL Business Leader.
Upload the article.

Activity 21: Invite a state or national officers to attend a local chapter meeting via internet i.e. Google Hangout, Skype, etc.
Upload a screen shot of the email and a screenshot of the officer speaking to your chapter via internet.

Activity 22: Write a letter asking a business to donate money towards chapter activities.
Upload a copy of the letter.

Activity 23: Make an electronic presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, YouTube, etc.). designed to recruit new PBL members.
Upload a copy of presentation.

Activity 24: Attended your State Leadership Conference the previous year.
Upload a 100-word paper describing the events you participated in and the experience of the conference. Include one photo of yourself and your chapter members at the conference.

Activity 25: Complete the online quiz about FBLA-PBL.
Complete the interactive form.

Activity 26: Recruit and have dues paid for at least one professional division member.
Enter the name of the professional member, their membership id number, and their contact information.