Executive Award Activities

Members must complete 12 activities and must have completed the Director level to continue to the Executive level. The form must be submitted by the local adviser by March 1. Pins are presented at at a PBL state meeting or conference. Students may also request and receive a digital Executive Badge from Tallo.


Advisers: Share this page with your members and have them complete the activities. Members save their work locally. Once you have verified members have completed the activities, submit this form [form coming soon].

Students: Save and document your work. When you have completed the activities, have your adviser verify your work and submit the award form.


**Please Note—Please review the Tallo online profile instructions with your student (Activity 9). Remind them to share the profile with you when they have completed all activities for the Executive Award Level. Once you approve the profile and all activities for the Executive Award Level, submit the entry/submission form for the Executive Award.

Service Activities

Complete three (3) activities. The first activity is required.

Activity 1 (Required): Participate in an adviser approved service activity. (Write and save a 100-word summary and include at least one photo of yourself participating in the activity).

Activity 2 (Required): Write and save a 100-word essay on a community service project you worked on.

Activity 3: Participate in a national PBL service program (e.g., Prematurity Awareness Month or FBLA-PBL National Community Service Day (Upload a photo to the FBLA-PBL National Facebook page with #PBL Community Service. Take and save a copy of the screenshot).

Activity 4: Participate in a project to raise money for the March of Dimes. (Complete the March of Dime fundraising report form. Scan the completed copy and save).

Activity 5:Volunteer to tutor on campus, at a local soup kitchen, a nursing home, an animal shelter, participate in a charity race, or become CPR certified. (Write and save a brief summary about what you learned and include a photo of yourself participating in this activity).

Activity 6: Mentor a local FBLA member for their competitive event. (Write and save a brief summary about what you learned and include at least one photo of yourself with your mentee).

Activity 7: Join a committee and apply for a March of Dimes Grant for your chapter. (Save a copy of the completed grant application).

Education Activities

Complete four (4) activities. The first two activities are required.

Activity 8 (Required): Complete the job application form, develop a cover letter, and prepare a 1–2 page resume applying for the Future Business Executive, Future Business Educator, or Job Interview events. Participate in a mock interview.
You do not have to compete in these events to meet this requirement. (Complete, scan, and save a copy of the job application form. Save the letter and resume. Scan and save a copy of the completed mock interview form).

Activity 9 (Required): Update Your Tallo Profile. Click here for instructions as to what to include. 

Activity 10: Develop a 30-second YouTube video of a personal sales pitch. Make sure to mention FBLA-PBL and the current national theme. (Save a copy of the link to the video).

Activity 11: Attend a meeting of a local chamber of commerce, Lions Club, Rotary Club, etc. (Exchange business cards with at least two people. Take a photo of yourself and the members that attended the meeting. Save a copy of the photo. Scan a save a copy of the business cards that you collected and a copy of your own business card).

Activity 12: Secure two letters of recommendation: One from a class instructor (other than your PBL adviser), and one from a businessperson or an employer. (Save copies of the letters of recommendation).

Activity 13:Register for and take the CBE ExamEmail CBE Administrator. (Save a copy of your email and proof that you took the CBE Exam).

Activity 14: Complete a one-day job shadow experience in a career that you are interested in. (Using this template, write and save a one to two page reflection about your job shadow. Include at least one photo of yourself at the business and with the worker(s) that you shadowed).

Progress Activities

Complete five (5) activities. The first activity is required.

Activity 15 (Required): Participate in a competitive event at the District/Regional, State, or National Leadership Conference. (Write and save a brief summary about your experience. Include a photo of yourself at the conference).

Activity 16: Work with your local chapter adviser to plan a special chapter meeting/event. Invite at least two alumni members to be on a panel discussion and help plan the questions/form. (Prepare a news release with at least one photo).

Activity 17: Submit an application for the PBL IFL/NLC scholarship. (Save a copy of the application).

Activity 18: Attend the PBL National Leadership Conference or your PBL Fall or Spring State Leadership Conference. (Include and save a copy of a selfie at the event with a brief summary of what you learned).

Activity 19: Plan and present an icebreaker at a local chapter meeting. (Have someone record you presenting the icebreaker. Save a copy of the video or link).

Activity 20: Present a workshop at a PBL state or national conference. (Save an outline of the workshop. Scan and save a copy of the page of the conference program that lists your workshop and you as a presenter).

Activity 21: Visit an area FBLA chapter and speak about PBL. (Complete a news release. Include at least one photo with the news release).

Activity 22: Identify ONE personal or professional business contact, with whom you have a relationship, who works for a company that would make a good potential national sponsor. Write an email to the PBL National Treasurer (pbltres@fbla.org)providing the name of your contact, the company, and why you think the company would make a great FBLA-PBL sponsor. (Save a copy of the email).

*Note: If approved, must be willing to talk with your contact about becoming an FBLA-PBL sponsor. (National staff assistance is available). Be sure to check the FBLA-PBL Website to ensure this company is not already a sponsor.

Activity 23: Find a judge for your PBL State Leadership Conference or the PBL National Leadership Conference, or judge at an FBLA State Leadership Conference. (Prepare and save a copy of the email that you sent to the potential judge and a return email of the person accepting the judging opportunity).

Activity 24: Recruit and have dues paid for at least one new professional division member(Have them save and forward a copy of the application to you. Save).