Complete a total of twelve (12) activities. Pin is presented at the National Leadership Conference. PBL members must have completed the Director and Executive levels prior to beginning this level. Students may also request and receive a digital President Badge from Tallo.


Advisers: Share this page with your members and have them complete the activities. Members save their work locally. Once you have verified members have completed the activities, submit this form [form coming soon].

Students: Save and document your work. When you have completed the activities, have your adviser verify your work and submit the award form.


**Please Note—Please review the Tallo online profile instructions with your student (Activity 11). Remind them to share the profile with you when they have completed all activities for the President Award Level. Once you approve the profile and all activities for the President Award Level, submit the entry/submission form for the President Award.

Service Activities

Complete three (3) activities. The first activity is required.

Activity 1 (Required):Run for local, state, or national office or serve as a campaign manager for a state or national officer candidate.

Activity 2 (Required): Work with your Professional Division members to get them more involved in your local chapter. 
Write a 100-word description of your efforts.

Activity 3: Volunteer to help with a charity or nonprofit organization of your choice.

Activity 4: Raise $100 for the March of Dimes.

Activity 5: Help plan and participate in a holiday service project, e.g., food baskets for Thanksgiving, canned food drive, toy drive, or adopt-a-family. 

Activity 6: Organize a campus-wide community service project. Act as a chair of the committee. 

Activity 7: Assist a state or national officer with an activity. 

Activity 8: Apply for a PBL NLC internship. 

Activity 9: Donate to a food bank or a food drive, participate in a blood drive, volunteer to walk dogs at an animal shelter, volunteer to teach computer skills to senior citizens in a nursing home or volunteer at a hospital or library.
Post a photo with #Community Service to FBLA-PBL’s National PBL Twitter page.

Education Activities

Complete four (4) activities. The first two (2) activities are required.

Activity 10 (Required):Create a LinkedIn profile that includes the following: professional headshot, work experience, skills, accomplishments and education. Add a summary under the “About” Section and create and upload a 30-second sales pitch about yourself to the media section link. Secure a recommendation for the “recommendation section” from one of your instructors (other than your PBL Adviser).

Activity 11 (Required): Update your Tallo Profile with the following: the letter, resume, and mock interview you completed for the Executive level, a 30-second video “What a Leader Means to You”, and at least three activities/projects from the President level activities that you completed.

Activity 12: Set up a mock interview with your schools career services center or a professional member. 

Activity 13: Participate in an internship. Have your internship supervisor write a letter of recommendation. 

Activity 14: Write a follow-up thank you letter for the job interview that you participated in for this level award or a thank you letter to your internship supervisor. 

Activity 15: Research the impact PBL has on members and write a letter to a government official about the benefits students receive from programs like ours. Have your adviser proofread your letter. 

Activity 16: Create a promotional YouTube Video
(30-second minimum) promoting the PBL Career Connections Conferences.

Progress Activities

Complete five (5) activities. The first two (2) activities are required.

Activity 17 (Required): Complete the PBL International Travel Project. 
See instructions online under this activity.

Activity 18 (Required): Secure a letter of recommendation from your local or state adviser on why you are deserving of the President Level. 

Activity 19 (Required): Visit at least one school that does not have an active PBL chapter and meet with the dean or the business department and present the benefits of chartering a PBL chapter. 

Activity 20: Attend the previous year’s NLC or Institute for Leaders. 

Activity 21: Draft a proclamation, public service announcement, press release promoting American Enterprise Day, FBLA-PBL Week, or Career and Technical Education Month. 

Activity 22: Apply for the PBL Distinguished Business Leader Scholarship.