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PBL Career and Membership Achievement Program (CMAP)
The Career and Membership Achievement Program (CMAP) is a comprehensive membership recognition program encompassing PBL projects, goals, and programs with special emphasis on career development and preparation for the world of work. The awards focus on the words surrounding the PBL Crest: Service, Education, and Progress.

In addition to receiving their President pin at the NLC, all PBL members who received this award and are in attendance at the NLC will receive a President ribbon and a certificate of recognition.

Director Award - This award focuses on introductory community service, career research, and PBL involvement at the local level. Pins are sent to the local adviser to award at a local meeting or ceremony.
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Executive Award - Prerequisite: Director Award. This award focuses on developing job interview skills, state and national PBL involvement, public relations activities, and leadership skills. Pins are sent to the state adviser/chair to be presented at a state meeting or conference.
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President Award - Prerequisite: Director and Executive Awards This award focuses on total association leadership, business skills, and involvement in community. Students qualifying for this award will receive pins at the National Leadership Conference.
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Individuals may complete more than one level per year and must report and log their progress. Each level builds upon the next and includes the following elements:

  • Integrated workplace and learning activities
  • Influenced by individuals' personal needs for growth and development
  • Linked to the strategic needs of each level of the association
  • Tied to and influenced by current business practices and corporate needs
No paperwork needs to be submitted to the national center. This program is completely interactive and online. For questions concerning this program, please e-mail membershipdir@fbla.org
2008-2009 CMAP Winners
2007-2008 CMAP Winners