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Business Achievement Awards Tips

No paperwork needs to be submitted to the national center. This program is completely interactive and online. Advisers may log in the "Adviser Area" on the FBLA-PBL home page. Members may log in by clicking "BAA." Before a member may log in, his/her chapter adviser must create the "student registration" and then give the member the credentials needed to successfully log in. For questions concerning this program, please e-mail membershipdir@fbla.org.

Creating a Student Registration
Advisers must create a student registration before members can log on to the online forms. Here is the procedure for creating student registrations:

  • Go to the BAA area on the national Web site (http://www.fbla-pbl.org/BAA3/).
  • Click on "Show" next to "Adviser Login"
  • Login using your adviser credentials.
  • On the left side of the page that opens you will see the names of the four levels of the BAA (Future, Business, Leader, America).
  • Click the level for which you wish to register your student.
  • Click "Show" next to "Step 1: Register Student for (Future, Business, Leader, America) Award."
  • Click "Begin New Student Registration" beneath "To Do."
  • Complete the form on the following page. All fields are required.
  • You will receive an e-mail confirming the student registration. In that e-mail, you will find the student key/password. Give the student key/password to the member. They may now login using their chapter number and the student key/password.
  • The member will select activities for the award and then may begin completing the activities.

Once the member has completed all activities for the award level, the adviser will have to submit the completed award material.

Retrieving a Student Password
You may always find the student passwords by logging in to the BAA site using your adviser credentials. Click "Find Entry Forms" on the left side. The student key/passwords are in the table next to the students' names.

Online Documents and Activities
There is a link by each activity. From there, members may access the online documents and forms to complete the project.

To Monitor a Student's Progress
To monitor a student's progress:

  • Login to the BAA area using your adviser credentials.
  • Click "Find Entry Forms" on the left side navigation.
  • Click "To Do" next to the student's name in the list of students to reviews the activities for that student.
  • Click "Docs" next to the student's name to review the documents submitted/created as part of the activity completions.

Submitting a Student Entry
Here is the procedure for submitting the BAA entry forms:

  • Click the name of the award level that you are submitting (e.g. Future Award) on the left navigation area of the page.
  • Click the "Show" link next to "Step 4: Submit Completed Entry Form."
  • Click "Submit Student Entry Forms" underneath "To Do."
  • Click "Submit" next to the name of the member whose entry form you wish to submit.
  • An e-mail will be sent to the national center for processing.

Check on Submissions

  • Click "Find Entry Forms."
  • Click "Show Options" above the table and select "View Submitted Registrations Only."