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Registering members is a 3-step process:

1. Adding members to your roster

2. Moving members from your roster to Create a Membership Order

3. Paying for your Membership Order

Login to your my.FBLA-PBL account

On the left navigation panel, click Advisers > Manage Your Chapter

Select Your Chapter. This is where you will add and renew members.

Step 1:  Add New Members

Select Manage Students.

Click the “Add New Student” button.

Add your new members, one-by-one. For the Title field enter Student.

To Register Returning Members

If you have returning members, you do not need to add them to your roster, they are already there.

You can find them by using the filter function.

You’ll add your returning members to your Membership Order when you’re ready to pay for memberships.

Step 2: Create Your Membership Order

Scroll through your list of members and click the checkbox next to the names you want to add.

Tip #1: If you have a lot of members, use the filter function to search for names, then click the checkbox to add them to the Create Membership Order.

Tip #2: You can select the header “Name” to sort by last name.

Once you’ve moved the members from your roster to your Membership Order, you’re ready to Create a Membership Order.

Click the Create Membership Orders button.

Click “OK” to submit your order. You will receive an email confirmation.

Click the “Return to Start” button to pay for your Membership Order or view/print your invoice.

Pay for Your Members

Now that you’ve Created a Membership Order, you need to complete your purchase.

Return to the adviser section and select the Make Credit Card Payments app.


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