Volunteer Leadership:
Strategically Guiding FBLA-PBL

Standing Committees are established in the bylaws of the organization. Typical standing committees include a Finance (audit, budget, investments/reserves) Committee and a Governance Committee (nominations, organizational policies, and bylaws). Advisory Committees and Task Forces are established by the board and must be approved by board action in the form of a motion.


Volunteers and subject matter experts are the engine that drives FBLA-PBL’s capacity to develop content and support student members.

Standing Committees are established in the bylaws of the organization. Typical standing committees include a Finance (audit, budget, investments/reserves) Committee and a Governance Committee (nominations, organizational policies, and bylaws). Advisory Committees and Task Forces are established by the board and must be approved by board action in the form of a motion.

Each program year, a Call for Volunteers will be made. The National Center staff, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, will review and recommend volunteers to certain committees or task forces based on expertise and need. For more information about volunteer leadership at FBLA-PBL, please contact Elena Daly at edaly@fbla.org.

FBLA-PBL is grateful for the following volunteer leadership groups that help guide the organization in alignment with its strategic plan.

2021-22 Committees and Task Forces

Alumni & Professional Network Advisory Council

The council will make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the utilization and support of alumni and businesspersons and provide non-binding strategic advice for association advancement. This will include recommendations for cultivating partnerships or sponsorships with businesses that result in tailored training to members with input and feedback from respective businesses and industries, on-site experiences for members within the industry or business they are pursuing, greater awareness of FBLA-PBL within the business community, and sponsorships, scholarships, and other funding opportunities.


  1. Brandon Griffin, Chair *
  2. Alan Rzepkowski
  3. Jilly Gokalgandhi
  4. Megan Fishwick
  5. Peter Choi
  6. Yasmeen Lasheen
  7. Pending

Staff Liaison:
Elena Daly, Executive Assistant to the CEO

*indicates a current member of the FBLA-PBL Board of Directors

Collegiate Strategy Task Force

The task force will develop highly innovative proposals for the Board of Directors regarding the complete reimagination of the division to roll out beginning in the 2022-2023 membership year. This will result in developing structure, programming, and delivery that is appealing, leading-edge, challenging, relevant to collegiate coursework and industry standards, and tied to measurable results (including membership increases, greater retention from high school division, increased revenue, and internship and job procurement). Utilizing the work of previous task forces, existing research, membership trends, competitive analysis, input from business and industry representatives and alumni, and other data collection methods, the task force is empowered to submit feasible proposals that would vastly transform the division from its current offering.

The Collegiate Strategy Task Force will develop recommendations to be prioritized and implemented over a three-year period.


  1. Eric McGarvey, Chair
  2. Erin Sherman, Board Liaison *
  3. Bob Kollar *
  4. Danielle Tolentino Tuason
  5. Jennifer Claus
  6. Ellie Murphy

Staff Liaison:
Lisa Smothers, Director of Membership

*indicates a current member of the FBLA-PBL Board of Directors

The Education Programs Committee will develop and implement programs, policies, and procedures that support student members of FBLA-PBL with Educational Programs including in-person and online conferences, workshops, asynchronous offerings, and division specific programs such as the FBLA Business Achievement Awards, Phi Beta Lambda Excellence Award, and Middle Level LEAD. The committee will ensure that FBLA-PBL programming is aligned with national business education standards. The committee will work in collaboration with FBLA-PBL’s National Awards Program Committee as needed to ensure consistency and strategic goals are met.

Sarah Williams, Director of CTE (TN); Chair
Dr. Larina Warnock, Roseburg HS (OR)
Michele Sites, ML State Coordinator (PA)
Korrie Pucell, FBLA Chapter Adviser (KY)
Doug Moesel, PBL Chapter Adviser (MO)
Jen Staley, FBLA-ML, FBLA, PBL State Adviser (CO)
Dave Thomas, FBLA-ML and FBLA State Adviser (WI)
Allison Doe, FBLA Adviser (CO)
Kristen Di Stefano*, FBLA Adviser (UT)
Nico Valencia, Business/Industry Representative

Staff Liaison:
Carla Boulton, Director of Education Programs

The Elections Committee will establish and provide oversight on policies and procedures that support the annual election of national student officers by division. In addition, committee members will support the National Center staff in conducting the elections including reviewing applications, establishing guidelines for campaign materials, and ensuring compliance with all policies and procedures by candidates, local chapters, and state affiliates.

Elections Committee

  1. Dan Hazlett, Chair *
  2. Mina Ayers
  3. Madison Kraemer
  4. Allison Li
  5. Natalie Tran

Staff Liaison:
Lisa Smothers, Director of Membership

The Finance Committee shall:

  • Review annual budget prepared by the President/CEO and present the reviewed budget to the board for approval.
  • Review all other financial matters or commitments prior to the presentation to the board, such as significant contracts, etc.
  • Review both short- and long-range goals included in the adopted strategic plan to assist in budget projection.
  • Review investment policy and make recommendations to the board as needed.
  • Conduct a review of investment performance annually with external investment advisors.
  • Make recommendations to the board of directors concerning financial policies of the association.
  • Review the results of the annual audit of FBLA-PBL’s financial statements with the CPA firm and report any significant findings to the board. Additionally, the committee shall review the draft of the organization’s Form 990 before it is filed with the IRS and have the opportunity to ask questions of the CPA firm.


  1. Bob Kollar, Chair*
  2. Kristen Di Stefano*
  3. Evan Lemoine
  4. Joanne Muniz
  5. Caitlyn O’Neil
  6. Daniel Schuenemeyer
  7. Susan Seuferer, Board Liason*

Staff Liaison: Robert Holst, Director of Finance

The Governance Committee will be charged with the nominating process for individuals to serve on the National Board of Directors as
well as advise on matters of the organization’s bylaws and policies. Each year the Governance Committee will lead the process of recruiting and nominating candidates for election to the National Board of Directors. In addition, the Governance Committee will annually review the policies and bylaws for approval by the board of directors.


  1. Susan Seuferer, Chair *
  2. Andre Davis *
  3. Tina Dierkes
  4. Karthik Krishnan
  5. Erin Sherman *

Staff Liaison:
Elena Daly, Executive Assistant to the CEO

High School and Middle School Division Membership Committee

The committee will prepare recommendations to address membership recruitment & retention and support for advisers in FBLA high school and middle school divisions, with an emphasis on:

  • Revised website process/flow for new chapter/new member
  • Three-year development plan for FBLA-Middle Level division
  • 2022 new program year membership kit
  • Membership collateral (students, parents, FAQ)
  • New chapter onboarding materials (for local and state advisers)
  • Underserved and special population strategies
  • Membership, program, and competitive event materials in Spanish
  • Retention strategy coordinated with state affiliates
  • Promotional video with a two-year life span (English & Spanish) to recruit advisers and members
  • FBLA to PBL membership transition campaign
  • ML to FBLA membership transition campaign
  • Prepare a recommendation concerning FBLA-PBL’s role in terms of international chapters


  1. Chris Dzurick, Chair *
  2. Jan Imhoff
  3. Linda Grooms
  4. Donnie Iorio
  5. Madelaine Benowitz
  6. Jaya Singh *
  7. Pending

Staff Liaison:
Lisa Smothers, Director of Membership

*indicates a current member of the FBLA-PBL Board of Directors

The National Competitive Events Committee shall:

  • The National Competitive Events Committee shall:
    1. Develop and maintain the long-term vision for FBLA-PBL’s competitive events program to guide tactical, data-driven decisions about future offerings.
    2. Align competitive events to evidence-based career and technical education standards and workforce development needs.
    3. Collaborate with the Education Programs Committee for competitive events preparation resources, including integration into individual and/or chapter programs.
    4. Review competitive event proposals and make recommendations for additions/changes to the competitive events program.
    5. Develop, write, and edit competitive event guidelines.
    6. Review competitive event content, focus, and procedures; modify as appropriate.
    7. Assist in securing test writers and validators for national exams.
    8. Assist in securing case study writers and validate case studies.
    9. Develop yearly topics for appropriate competitive events.
    10. Conduct adviser and/or member workshops related to competitive events at National Fall Leadership Conference, National Leadership Conference, or as needed.
    11. Provide general oversight of competitive event management at the National Leadership Conference.
    12. Instruct and manage competitive event judges and administrators at the National Leadership Conference.
    13. Staff a competitive events desk and answer questions at the National Leadership Conference.
    14. Rule on eligibility and procedural concerns at the National Leadership Conference.


Nick Western, Thomas Edison High School (VA): Chair
Jennifer Claus, Nebraska PBL (NE)
Jamie Connor, Aberdeen High School, (MD)
Vicky Crane, Saraland High School (AL)
Jessica DeVaal, North Dakota FBLA-PBL (ND)
Julie Ellis, Arizona FBLA (AZ)
Thomas Fortenberry, Mississippi PBL (MS)
Jacqui Garrison, Nebraska FBLA (NE)
Linda Lambert, Heartland Community College (IL)
Kristy McAuliffe, San Jacinto College (TX)
Kent Seuferer, Iowa FBLA-PBL (IA)

Staff Liaisons:
Kelly Scholl, Director of Awards & Recognition
Aric Mills, Coordinator of Awards & Recognition

The Scholarship & Financial Aid Committee advises on policies and procedures for supporting student members and chapters with scholarship programs and financial aid. The committee will also review applications for aid using a criteria/rubric for each aid/scholarship program to identify recipients. FBLA-PBL aid programs include: National Leadership Conference Registration Scholarship Program and the National Uniform Challenge.

In addition to direct student funding, the committee shall support specific aid programs such as disaster relief.


  1. Kristen Di Stefano, Chair *
  2. Albert Amaya
  3. Gladys Fitzhurgh-Pemberton
  4. Brenda Merkel
  5. Wendy Mills *
  6. Kel Vrana
  7. Sandon Williams


Staff Liaison:

Kelly Scholl, Director of Awards & Recognition


*indicates a current member of the FBLA-PBL Board of Directors