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Guidelines are grouped by component (i.e., objective tests, performance) and include an event overview, eligibilities, and instructions on how to compete.

For full information including Changes for the 2021-22 Membership Year, General Competitive Event Guidelines, and General Performance Event Guidelines, please refer to our full 2021-22 Competitive Event Guidelines for Middle Level.


Overview These events consist of a demonstration of the project. Competitors are responsible for demonstrating the usability and functionality of the project to the judges.
Eligibility Each state may submit two entries for these events.

Competitors must have paid FBLA-Middle Level national and state dues by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on March 1 of the current school year.
NLC Registration Participants must be registered for the NLC and pay the national conference registration fee to participate in competitive events.
Finals Fifteen finalists, or an equal number from each group in the preliminary round, will advance to the final round.


Event Name Multimedia & Website Design Modified
Event Type I or T
Equipment Setup Time  (timer starts when 5 min. are up): 5 min.
Prep Time NA
Performance Time 7 minutes
Time Warning 6 minutes
Time Up 7 minutes
Penalty Over Time (5 pts) No
Q&A (3 min.) Yes
  • The website must be shown to the judges during the demonstration.

  • Websites should be designed to allow for viewing on as many different platforms as possible.

  • Use of templates is permitted; however, the final product should demonstrate the competitors’ creativity and original thought. If templates are used, they must be identified during the demonstration.

  • The usability and functionality of the site must be demonstrated to the judges.

  • Visual aids and samples specifically related to the demonstration may be used; however, no items may be left with the judges

  • Competitors must show the judges any of the following that are applicable; read me file, source code, documentation of templates/libraries used, documentation of copyrighted material used.


Design, build, and launch a website that introduces your new FBLA-Middle Level chapter to the other students in your school. The website must include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • An animated theme and logo that includes music
  • A form for potential members to complete in order to join your chapter
  • A video from your chapter president welcoming potential members to the website and inviting them to check out FBLA-Middle Level by attending one of your regularly scheduled meetings