Chapter Ceremonies

Structured ceremonies heighten awareness of the importance and impact of an occasion.


Use these scripts for inducting new members, installing a new chapter, or installing new officers. There is also an Emblem Ceremony to introduce prospective members and friends to FBLA-PBL. Modify this format to fit the makeup and goals of your individual local chapter.

Whenever possible, the installation ceremony should take place before a large group such as a school assembly, assembly of business students or a special meeting to which parents and business people are invited. Members of the installation team should be seated on a stage or a raised platform.

Materials Needed:

  • Tall Candles: white, gray, green, violet, blue, yellow, orange, red
  • Official Charter
  • Names of Charter Members, New Officers, or New Members
  • If using the Emblem Ceremony, a copy of the Crest from the image library.


New Member Induction—Welcome your new members with this ceremony.

Chapter Installation—This ceremony is for new or reinstated chapters.

Officer Installation—The official ceremony to install new chapter officers.

Emblem Ceremony—Use this ceremony to promote your chapter during an Open House or as your first meeting with prospective members present.