Recruitment Ideas

Recruitment Booth

Find a place at your school with a high density of foot traffic where you can set up a recruitment booth.

Keep these tips in mind:

Attract with giveaways (candy, food, brochures, etc.).

Stand out (big signs, bright shirts, decorations).

Creatively convey activities (recruitment video, chapter scrapbooks, display awards).

Be organized. (Have a sign-up sheet to collect contact information, membership applications, and a receipt book to collect dues.)

Promote upcoming events.

Welcome booth browsers with a smile and say “Let me tell you a little bit about [FBLA/FBLA-Middle Level/PBL].”

Recruitment Publicity

Get the word out! Keep your chapter visible using the following ideas:

Use promotional items to identify members (T-shirts, bags, water bottles, etc.).

Develop a list of local news media.

Share news and events via social media.

Create and distribute literature to local schools, businesses, and government.

Present PBL business programs to civic and service groups in the community.

Design promotional exhibits around the school and community.

Display materials in your school and community.

Write spot announcements, interviews, and Q&A discussions for local radio and TV.

Provide photographs, news releases, editorials, feature stories, and letters to the editor for the school and community newspapers.

Announce chapter activities and programs in your school’s daily announcements.

Invite community members to participate in chapter meetings, banquets, business education classes, and advisory committees.

Distribute certificates of appreciation.

Write to and visit elected public officials.

Create a public awareness plan that ties into a holiday or event. Promotional items and emblematics are available at

Chapter Welcome Bash

Kick off your first meeting with a welcome bash! Begin with a brief and entertaining introduction, followed by a creative agenda full of icebreakers and networking opportunities—fostering friendships gives recruits a reason to join. No bash is complete without food!

Club/Activity Fairs

Club/activity fairs can greatly benefit your chapter by increasing your audience of potential recruits. Try one of the following ideas:

Co-sponsor an event, such as a guest speaker or workshop, with another club or organization. Have both your chapter and the other club introduce yourselves at the beginning of the event. Make yourselves available after the event to answer questions about PBL.

Ask chapter members to volunteer at your school’s career center in exchange for recruitment opportunities to other students.

Just Ask

The most successful recruitment method is very simple . . . just ask! Many prospective members need an extra push toward membership. Ask officers to speak to students in other classes using these tips:

Remember ABC—Ask, Bring, Close.

Speak from the heart—tell prospective members why you joined.

Invite prospective members to a meeting.

Be direct—“Will you join?”


Food. Entice attendance to informational meetings with food. Conduct business and end the meeting with a pizza party, “Build your Own Banana Split Party,” etc.

Candy Invitations. Hand out candy bars with catchy invitations to potential recruits (i.e., attach “Join FBLA-PBL to increase your Payday! “ to a Payday bar).

Drawings. Hold prize drawings at meetings. Students can win only after they pay dues.

Wall of Names. Erect a “Wall of Names,” recognizing each member.

Night/Day of the Body Snatcher. Award a prize at the end of chapter meetings to the person who snatched and brought the most nonmembers.

Download one of the informational FBLA-PBL PowerPoint® presentations from or and show it at a chapter meeting.