#PBLCareers Checklist

Very Important

  You will need your ID during your business tours. Security is very strict in New York City, and you will need to show an ID in order to enter buildings during your tours.


  Comfortable shoes, both for your business tours and for leisure activities around the city.

During the Conference

  Use the conference hashtag #PBLCareers
  Meals are not provided during the conference, so plan your budget accordingly. There are lunch breaks built into the Friday business tours. You will be near tourist attractions and will find food options that fit any budget.
  Bring your résumé and business cards to hand out during the networking event and business tours.
  Invite any NYC-area business contacts, school alumni, or friends to the Thursday evening networking event.

Business Tour Preparation

  Your tour group will meet in the lobby of the Marriott Eastside and travel as a group to your business tours. The exact meeting times will be posted in your GroupMe.
  Please visit the company websites and review the LinkedIn profiles for your hosts. Make sure engage the hosts with thoughtful questions about their company and their career paths.

Dress Code

  For all activities: “dress to impress” a future employer.
  For the Saturday workshops, you will also receive a free professional headshot so dress for the image you want your headshot to project.