FBLA-PBL Conferences

FBLA-PBL’s national conferences help students prepare for careers in business by focusing on academic competitions (FBLA Competitive Events and PBL Competitive Events) and leadership development. FBLA-PBL conferences are a great place to network, develop your leadership skills, and visit exhibitors and vendors. For information on how to exhibit, contact awoodson@fbla.org. To present a workshop, please visit this form. The submission deadline is March 1st. 

2021 National Leadership Conference


2022 NLC–Chicago

  • PBL: June 24–27
  • FBLA: June 29–July 2


2023 NLC- Atlanta, GA

  • PBL: June 22-25
  • FBLA: June 27-30

2024 NLC- Orlando, FL

  • PBL: June 24-27
  • FBLA: June 29-July 2


2025 NLC- Anaheim, CA

  • PBL: June 24-27
  • FBLA: June 29- July 2


2026 NLC- San Antonio, TX

  • PBL: June 24-27
  • FBLA: June 29- July 2


2027 NLC- TBD


2028 NLC- Salt Lake City, Utah

  • PBL: June 21-24
  • FBLA: June 26-29

State Leadership Conferences (SLC)

SLCs feature competitive events and elections. Competitive event winners earn the opportunity to compete at the National Leadership Conference. Contact your state adviser for details. When: Spring.

*We are busy planning for next year! Check back in late spring/early summer for information about 2021-22 conferences and events!