National Officer Candidate FAQ

Below are some frequently-asked questions about running for FBLA-PBL national office. If you have additional questions, contact

Can I use the same campaign theme that I used at the state level?
The campaign theme must be modified if it has been used for a previous campaign.

If I have campaign materials left from my state campaign, can they be used for my national campaign?
Leftover materials may be used, but must be included in candidate’s financial statement at original value. Items must also contain all required information for a national officer campaign.

To apply for national parliamentarian, do I have to compete in Parliamentary Procedure?
All candidates for national parliamentarian must take the parliamentary procedure written test, but do not have to be registered as a competitor for the Parliamentary Procedure event.

How many brochures/handouts should I order?
Each candidate can decide how many items they want to order based on campaign budget. Please refer to the candidate guide for last year’s registration numbers. This can help you estimate how many items to order.

Can I change my booth for the second day of campaigning?

You may change the display in your booth, provided that the second setup was approved by FBLA‑PBL national staff when you submitted your campaign materials prior to the NLC. Any displayed items that were not approved will be confiscated and returned to you at the conclusion of the NLC.

Do I get to select my booth location in the campaign area?

The campaign area is designated by the FBLA-PBL Conference Director. Individual candidate booth assignments are made by FBLA-PBL national staff.

Can I request that my booth is next to a specific candidate?
Since candidates are not allowed to support/endorse other candidates and no co-campaigning is allowed, candidates may not request booth placement adjacent to another candidate.

Can I just plug into a wall outlet for my laptop at my booth?
Hotel guidelines specify that all power must beordered from the hotel at a cost to be paid by candidate and included in campaign budget.

My competitive event is during the campaign booth time. What should I do?
Find other members of your state chapter to man your booth during your competition. If no members are available, you may leave your booth unattended and should secure any items you do not want to distribute. FBLA-PBL is not responsible for any items left in campaign booths.

Can I get different colored drape/tablecloth from the hotel for my booth to match my campaign theme?
No. All campaign booth materials are ordered several months prior to the NLC and no substitutions are allowed.

If I am a PBL Virtual Chapter member, who completes my recommendation letters and certifications?
As a virtual member, your membership is credited to the state you selected during online registration. The state adviser of this state must complete your letter of recommendation and certification.

Can my family/friends attend the Opening Session to hear my campaign speech or the Awards of Excellence Program to see the officer installation?
All session attendees must be registered for the conference. Guest registration is available for $50 (early-bird), $60 (regular), and $100 (onsite) and includes access to the opening and awards sessions. If they want to attend only the Awards of Excellence Program, tickets are available for $25. The Awards of Excellence Program is also streamed online.