FBLA Business Achievement Awards


Expanding Leadership and Career Outcomes for High School Students

The Business Achievement Awards is an activity-based learning and recognition program for high school members of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).  Participants develop skills in collaboration, leadership, and advocacy that culminates in a capstone project.  Program content is tied to business education standards delivered in a self-paced format with guidance provided by their FBLA adviser.

Meeting students where they are is the critical factor meeting FBLA’s mission of developing community minded leaders.  This program accessible, equitable opportunities to all our students which means learning and engagement experiences delivered to their computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Content will be provided with asynchronous learning, live events, and engagement opportunities with the Business Achievement Awards.

This learning and recognition program will help students hone career and college readiness skills.  A unique feature of the program is a capstone project that provide those who complete it with a high-level project to leverage in interview and essay writing exercises required by employers and post-secondary schools such as colleges, universities, and technical certification programs.

Program Features 

  • Self-paced driven by student with teacher guidance and coaching
  • Project based learning tied to engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects.
  • Tied to national business education standards and classroom curriculum.
  • Provided at no cost to all FBLA high school student members.