FBLA High School students prepare for college and careers in business through academic competitions, leadership development, and educational programs.

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Champion Chapter is a series of membership engagement-focused challenges that chapters may complete for national recognition. By completing activities, chapters accrue points. Completing activities across four sections (to accrue points) will result in Champion Chapter recognition, with a banner for the adviser’s classroom/meeting space or school award case. Additional incentives such as ribbons at conferences, national recognition in publications, and plaques are available.

Champion Chapter is open to all active chapters. Chapter advisers may access the activity list for each section within the Leadership Community.

Champion Plus

Focuses on national programs & conferences, sponsors & partners, and recruitment. These activities may be done at any time. Deadline is May 1.

Download the 2022 Champion+ One-Pager
August 1 – September 30
Focuses on chapter building and membership strategy. Summer Starter tasks are designed to help chapters set the foundation for a successful membership year including: election chapter officers, developing a student-led program of work, setting goals, and mapping out the year.
October 1 – November 10
Focuses on member recruitment and retention. Shaping Success tasks are designed to promote membership benefits and foster engagement such as hosting special events and creating working committees
November 11 – December 31
Focuses on community service and engagement. Service Season tasks are designed to meet the core of the FBLA mission: being community-minded business leaders. Tasks
are designed to find ways to contribute to the community as well as connect with alumni and business industry professionals.
January 1 – March 1
Focuses on chapter excellence and CTE awareness. CTE Celebration tasks are designed to showcase FBLA excellence and achievements, as well as promote the mission of the organization.
Download the 2022 Summer Starter One-Pager
Download the 2022 Shaping Success One-Pager
Download the 2022 CTE Celebration One-Pager


FBLA High School states and chapters are eligible for special membership awards that are automatically counted based on membership numbers. Chapters are recognized at FBLA High School Fall Conferences (NFLCs) and the FBLA High School National Leadership Conference (NLC). Certificates of Recognition are awarded to the top two chapters in each region at regional meetings of the NLC. The membership awards include:

  • Largest State Chapter Membership
  • Largest Increase in State Chapter Membership
  • State Recruitment of Chapters
  • Largest Local Chapter Membership
  • Market Share Award
  • Largest Increase in Local Chapter Membership
  • Connect Ten (NLC Delegates of chapters increasing membership by 10 members or more over the previous year will receive ribbons for their name badges.)