The National Awards Program, also known as competitive events, recognizes and rewards excellence in a broad range of business and career-related areas. PBL competitive events also prepare college students for the workforce by expanding their classroom experience with real-world scenarios. 

Competitive Events Guidelines For 2021-22


We are pleased to share the following change to the Phi Beta Lambda National Awards Program at the 2022 National Leadership Conference (NLC), as decided by and approved by the National Competitive Events Committee:

Each state may now allow more PBL members to compete at the national level at the in-person National Leadership Conference in Chicago, June 24-27. Each state will now be allowed to register:

  • Four (4) entries for any performance or production test event
  • Unlimited number of entries in any event that consists of only an objective test

In addition, each PBL member will be allowed to compete in up to three events at the 2022 NLC.

André Davis, PBL’s 2022 National President said, “on behalf of the PBL National Officer team, I applaud this move by the CEC. It demonstrates the organization’s commitment to expanding access for collegiate members to participate, compete, and achieve all while sharpening their career development skills. The NLC is an amazing opportunity for students to showcase their skill and network.”

All PBL members wishing to compete will have to be registered for their competitive events, by their state adviser, by May 10. Conference attendees must also be registered for the NLC itself by June 8.  Competitors will still need to qualify through the process set up in their respective states; competitors and advisers will need to coordinate with their state adviser about the state qualification process. This change is only for the PBL collegiate division. Please contact Kelly Scholl at kscholl@fbla.org for any questions.

  • Modification:  Sales Presentation will now be an individual or team event, with teams of two to three members.
  • Name Change:  Social Media Challenge will be renamed Social Media Marketing to better align with collegiate coursework.
  • Retire Event: Contemporary Sports Issues will be retired, and the competencies will be folded into the Sports Management & Marketing event competencies.


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