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FBLA Collegiate has been dedicated to inspiring and developing the next generation of leaders by preparing members for careers in business and business-related fields.  With over 8,000 members in 350+ chapters across the country, your FBLA Collegiate journey can start today!

Advisers, looking for chapter management?


Individual FBLA Collegiate chapters meet and function in different ways. Reach out to your school’s adviser, dean, or an existing member to learn more about when, where, and how your chapter will meet.


Every FBLA Collegiate Local Chapter is required to have an adviser. An adviser can be a school administrator, professor, or any faculty member. Check with your school’s requirements. The adviser is instrumental in organizing and stimulating chapter development. Advisers can begin the process to establish a new or reactivated chapter by filling out this form.

Each FBLA Collegiate Chapter is required to have a minimum of three members.

The most important resource any organization has is its membership. The more dependable, enthusiastic members you attract—the more you can accomplish. Make your chapter stronger by keeping these points in mind.

  • A large and diverse membership makes for rich brainstorming sessions, unique projects, and lightened individual workloads.
  • Bigger is better—when it means that you have resources to dedicate to many worthy activities.
  • FBLA’s recognition and influence are assured when a larger portion of your student body and, by extension, your community is involved in your activities.
  • Your members enhance the chapter as a whole—while the chapter enriches your members.

The creation of an executive board, a governing body for the chapter, is suggested. The executive board is the governing body of a chapter. They ensure that the chapter is active by planning social, fundraising, and recruitment events, preparing for competitive events, and meeting the needs of the individual chapter. Most chapters have five to seven officers on their executive board.

It is suggested that each executive board includes the following offices:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Reporter
  • Historian
  • Parliamentarian

Bylaws are the rules by which a chapter regulates its affairs and the behavior of its members. FBLA strongly recommends that each local chapter creates bylaws to which its chapter shall abide.

Chapter advisers can find a FBLA Collegiate Chapter Bylaws template in the Leadership Community.

The Program of Work is the action plan of a chapter. Strong Programs of Work include well-defined goals and objectives, deadlines, and assigned tasks. The Program of Work is important because it ensures careful planning and a detailed layout for the fiscal year.

Please check back in August/September 2021 to see the 2021-22 FBLA National Officer Program of Work.

Many successful chapters layout dates and locations of each other their meetings in the beginning of the year. This ensures the chapter has a meeting place and the dates and locations can be published and publicized to members and prospective members. In addition, they create agendas that layout exactly what is to be discussed at each meeting.

Please visit our membership page to explore chapter engagement opportunities toward which your chapter can work.


Beginning in 2021, FBLA now offers the opportunity for individuals to become a direct member. This option is ideal for the college student who attends a school without an existing FBLA Collegiate chapter. By managing your own membership profile, you will have access to programming and networking. Check back soon for more information to get started!


As a membership organization, FBLA relies on dues to help support the mission. This includes, but is not limited to, program development, resources, training, technology, services to chapters, and event production.

Knowing the exact amount of money to collect per member for dues is critical. When looking at the amount of national ($10) and state dues (varies), also consider if you need to charge a chapter dues fee to cover expenses or membership benefits. Several chapters charge dues that are enough to cover a t-shirt and/or a district/region competition.

Please click here to view state dues.


FBLA members and advisers should develop an awareness of the image one’s appearance projects. The purpose of the dress code is to uphold the professional image of the association and its members and to prepare students for the business world.

Appropriate attire is required for all attendees—advisers, members, and guests—at all general sessions, competitive events, regional meetings, workshops, and other activities unless otherwise stated in a conference program. Conference name badges are part of this dress code and must be worn for all conference functions. For safety reasons, do not wear name badges when touring.

No dress code can cover all contingencies, so FBLA members must use a certain amount of judgment in their choice of clothing to wear. Members who experience uncertainty about unacceptable attire should ask their local or state adviser.

Click here to view our current dress code.


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