FBLA members showcase their business mastery to emerge as the best of the best.

The competitive event topics for 2021-22 are as follows. For full overview, requirements, and criteria for all events, refer to the 2021-22 Competitive Event Guidelines.

Using 3-D animation, create a promotional video advocating for a career choice related to a Career and Technical Education course or program in your school.

Develop and deliver a LIVE news report that covers at least three of the following areas and genres with at least one pre-recorded interview:

  • Business—National current event story or stock market report
  • World—Pandemic recovery and the impact
  • Technology—Online learning in the 21st century
  • Civic—Organizations or clubs that support diversity and racial equality
  • Sports—A report of a school, local, or regional sports team
  • Entertainment/Fashion—Report on current events at the national level

The topic/case study relates to the ethics of community guidelines on social media.  Click here to access the full case study.

Create a Business Financial Plan for a work-from-home business. Identify a specific objective for the enterprise.  Explain what the business does that is helpful to others and why they would want to work with you as well as how much borrowing is necessary to start.  The new business should be specifically targeted for your community and demographics. The Business Financial Plan should include but is not limited to describing and detailing the costs of the network of relationships necessary, office or remote equipment including use of computer and cloud resources, inventory if any, virtual or physical facilities relative to the customer experience, and operations management.

You have been hired by your state or local area’s tourism bureau to develop a program that suggests attractions (can be tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping, things to do, etc.) to potential visitors. Your program will allow users to search for attractions in the area based on desired attributes, such as location, type of attraction, and amenities. Your program must include at least 50 attractions, and users must be able to define at least five desired attributes to search for an attraction.

Develop an arcade-style game that is inspired by 1980s-style arcade games, such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, or Frogger.

  • The game should be a standalone and executable game.
  • The game should contain a scoreboard.
  • The game should contain a leaderboard and celebratory messages.
  • The game should have a minimum of three levels.
  • The game should have an instructional display.

You and/or your team are working as data analysts on a committee that oversees the impact of new housing sales across the United States. The U.S. Census Bureau makes regular releases of data regarding the sale of new housing across the United States. Use the given datasets, as well as additional research, to analyze and visualize trends, as well as future predictions regarding the construction and sale of new housing in the United States. During your presentation to the judges, you will need to analyze the data for trends, develop at least three visualizations, and present any recommendations to the committee.  Use the following datasets in your analysis: (Datasets will be uploaded to the FBLA PBL website in August, 2021.)

  • Houses Sold
  • Houses for Sale
  • Median and Average Sale Price of Houses Sold
  • Houses Sold and For Sale by Stage of Construction
  • Houses Sold and For Sale by Sales Price Range (2002-present)
  • Houses Sold and For Sale by Sales Price Range (1999-2005)
  • Median and Average Sales Price of Houses Sold by Region
  • Houses Sold by Type of Financing
  • Median and Average Sales Price of houses Sold by Type of Financing

Publicly accessible datasets provided by the U.S. Census Bureau at https://www.census.gov/construction/nrs/historical_data/index.html

Create a “How-to Video.” Your video should be about instructing an audience on the steps to complete a task. All video content must be original.  Be sure to create a video for a particular target audience.


Develop an e-business (e-commerce) website that focuses on business-to-consumer (B2C) or consumer-to-consumer (C2C) sales through physical products, digital products, or services. The products or services should be aligned to a community, school, local, or regional need. The website should show both the storefront and the administration side of the website.

Your design team has been asked to create the logo and artwork for a new men’s clothing store. The clothing store should be designed towards a certain target market and geographic area. The package should include store logo, store interior design, T-shirt or polo, webpage design, and specialty items.

Acme, Inc. is a large corporation providing insurance and banking services to consumers and businesses around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought huge changes to Acme, Inc.’s business practices and workplace expectations, such as a temporary work-from-home policy as well as the implementation of virtual meetings, which were not widely used before the pandemic. Develop a presentation to Acme, Inc. executives about changes in business practices and workplace policies that should remain in place after the pandemic, including work schedule, work location, format of meetings, or networking opportunities.

You are part of a marketing team for a professional sports franchise. Your team has just been given the task of creating a promotional event at the stadium that will benefit a local non-profit organization. Create the promotion theme and the social media strategy.  The following must be addressed:

  • A schedule of social media posts
  • An example of social media posts
  • The promotional theme of the event
  • The plan to develop awareness of the non-profit organization

Develop a new mobile application for the students at your school. Your app should include a scheduling feature allowing students to input their schedule, information about extracurricular activities, a lunch menu, the ability to email teachers and staff, and a calendar that is updated with school information.

Create a 30-second public service announcement that helps promote mental health awareness.  All video content must be original.

Your design team has been asked to create the logo and artwork for a new men’s clothing store. The clothing store should be designed for a specific target market and geographic area. The package should include a print ad, store signage, logo stickers, and store clothing tags.

Develop a social media campaign that raises awareness and sales at a local restaurant using multiple social media platforms.  The following strategies must be addressed:

  • Growing the brand
  • Turning customers into advocates
  • Driving sales or customer leads
  • Improving customer retention


Create a website for a new business in your local community, region, or state. The website must include the business name, photos, and description for the entity. The website must include a minimum of four web pages, including a contact us page and embedded features. The website should feature social media and marketing material to promote the new business.