FBLA High School members showcase their business mastery to emerge as the best of the best.

The competitive event topics for 2022-23 are as follows. For full overview, requirements, and criteria for all events, refer to the 2022-23 Competitive Event Guidelines.

Broadcast Journalism

You or your team members work for a local news station. Write, develop, and deliver a live news report with at least one pre-recorded interview. Cover at least three of the following areas or stories:

  • Business (global) – A story or current event impacting the global economy
  • Entrepreneurship (local) – A story about a local business (real or fictional) in the area
  • Event – A story about the FBLA State or National Leadership Conference
  • Education – A report on financial literacy
  • Finance – A report on the stock market, interest rates, or another current financial event

Business Ethics

The ethics of an art club supervisor possibly purchasing lower-quality supplies for this year’s Craft Fair. Click here to access the full topic/case study.

Business Financial Plan

Create a business financial plan to start a new food truck business in your community.  Determine what type of food truck will benefit your community and the funds needed for the start-up.  Include data or research that will help to make informed decisions about future resources and goals.  Include the general operating costs of your food truck, start-up costs, and a plan of action of where to park your mobile business.

Coding & Programming

Develop a program that will help improve student involvement at your school.  This original computer program will track student participation and attendance at school events.  Once students participate or attend events, they are awarded points.  You must have a way to pick a random winner each quarter from each grade level, as well as the student with the top point accumulation.  The number of points a person has accumulated will translate to the prize they will win.  You will need to have at least three prizes (a school reward, a food reward, and a school spirit item).

  • Assign a point value for participating in or attending events.
  • Must have at least five sporting events and five non-sports school events.
  • Track students’ names, grades, points.
  • Generate a report at the end of the quarter to show points per student in each grade.
  • Data must be stored persistently.  Storage may be in a relational database, a document-oriented NoSQL database, flat text files, flat JSON, or XFBLA Middle School files.
  • The user interface must be a GUI with a minimum of five different control types including such things as drop-down lists, text fields, checkboxes, date picker, or other relevant control types.
  • All data entry must be validated with appropriate user notification and error messages including the use of required fields.

Computer Game & Simulation Programming

In 2022, Wordle and similar word games were all the rage across the world. Develop a word game with rules and a theme of your choice.

  • The game should be an executable game, either through the Internet or through a local installation (review guidelines about Internet access at the National Leadership Conference).
  • The game should contain a scoreboard.
  • The game should contain a leaderboard and celebratory messages.
  • The game should have a minimum of three levels.
  • The game should have an instructional display.

Data Analysis

WidgetCo is a new international business selling widgets to customers in China, France, Canada, and the United States. In determining the suitability to conduct business in these countries, WidgetCo executives need an effective data analysis of the datasets that are available. You are working on WidgetCo’s data analysis team. Your team will provide recommendations to the WidgetCo executives about opportunities and challenges that they may encounter now or in the future. Using the datasets given, in addition to your own supplemental research, analyze the data and provide analyses and recommendations about the opportunities and challenges facing the business.

The following datasets are given for each country (China, France, Canada, and the United States)

  • Population, total
  • Poverty headcount ratio at $1.90 a day (2011 PPP) (% of population)
  • Life expectancy at birth, total (years)
  • Population growth (annual %)
  • Net migration
  • Human Capital Index (HCI) (scale 0-1)
  • GDP (current US$)
  • GDP per capita (current US$)
  • GDP growth (annual %)
  • Unemployment, total (% of total labor force) (modeled ILO estimate)
  • Inflation, consumer prices (annual %)
  • Personal remittances, received (% of GDP)

Open-source datasets provided by the World Bank at World Bank Group – International Development, Poverty, & Sustainability.

Digital Animation

Create an animated advertisement for a new technology product. Examples include, but are not limited to, a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or smartwatch.  All content must be original.

Digital Video Production

Create a promotional video for an event in your community or school, with teenagers in your community as the target audience. All video content must be original.


Develop and create an E-business site for a local bed and breakfast, hotel, or other lodging venue in your community. The business can be real or fictional.  The website should include a company identity including a name, logo, and brand. The website should have elements of a typical lodging facility including contact information, the ability to make reservations, view different room types, view amenities, and local attractions.   Ensure that your E-business site includes:

  • An e-commerce tool showing prices for different lodging types
  • A scheduling tool allowing customers to book lodging
  • An API to an online map service showing different local attractions

The E-business site does NOT need to be published; however, if you publish the website, you must obtain permissions in accordance with the competitive event guidelines and proper copyright law.

Graphic Design

Your organization has been hired as a consultant to design a new brand identity for a new, fictional nonprofit organization. The fictional nonprofit is an organization that supports youth development with afterschool programs and summer camps. Give the non-profit a name.  The brand should be modern, bright, and vibrant to attract youth.  In accordance with your brand guidelines, design a t-shirt, a baseball cap, a toy, and two other promotional items of your choice.

Introduction to Business Presentation

You are trying to raise money to attend a business leadership training program in New York City.  This would be a week-long summer program that will cost $2,000.  You will prepare a presentation that can be used in front of potential sponsors from your community. Be sure to include why you should attend, and the benefit you will receive and bring back to your school.

Introduction to Public Speaking

Develop and deliver a speech based on the following topic: My biggest concern for the future is…

Introduction to Social Media Strategy

Create a social media campaign to promote involvement in FBLA at your school.  Address the following in your social media strategy:

  • A schedule of social media posts
  • An example of social media posts
  • The promotional plan of the campaign
  • The plan to develop awareness of FBLA

Do not create live accounts.

Mobile Application Development

Create a mobile application for your school to help keep parents and the community up to date. The app needs to include upcoming events, important information such as school calendar and activities schedule, a way for teachers and students to share photos, and a way for parents to notify school of student absences. The app must also include one additional item that is recommended by your administration.

  • The app must be designed for a phone/tablet.
  • The operating system must be mobile based such as Android or iOS.
  • The app should state its licensing and terms of use.

Public Service Announcement

After recovering from the global pandemic many social issues in our communities and country have been brought to light. Develop a Public Service Announcement about a social issue that affects teenagers. Your job is to bring awareness about that topic to your peers, school, and community.

Public Speaking

Develop and deliver a speech based on the following topic:  How should higher education transform to better serve the needs of students and the workforce?

Publication Design

You have been asked by your school activities director to create a publication highlighting the activities within your school.  You will develop a five-page online magazine showcasing your school’s activities, including:

  • A print advertisement for a club or organization
  • A story about a school activity or event
  • Three other pages including information and designs of your choice.

Social Media Strategies

Create a social media campaign to advocate for awareness about food insecurity in your community. This should bring awareness of the issue and provide solutions to help solve the problem.  Address the following in your social media strategy:

  • A schedule of social media posts
  • An example of social media posts
  • The promotional plan of the campaign
  • The plan to develop awareness of the issue.

Do not create live accounts.

Website Design

Develop a website for a local business. This business can be real or fictional, but must serve the members of your community.  The website should include the following elements:

  • Header with logo
  • Favicon
  • Call to action button
  • Form to subscribe to receive announcements
  • Navigation menu
  • Footer to include credits to website creators and copyright information

The website does NOT need to be published; however, if you publish the website, you must obtain permissions in accordance with the competitive event guidelines and proper copyright law.