FBLA National Officer Candidates

Congratulations! You have taken the first step toward serving as a national officer of Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc.

If elected, you will be expected to follow the guidelines listed in the National Officer Handbook and, most importantly, the National Officer Code of Conduct. If you have any questions about running for national office or the campaign guidelines, email lsmothers@fbla.org.

Important Dates

(Note: all deadlines are 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time unless otherwise indicated)

May 15
Application Deadline (Application will be available March 15, 2021)

June 29–July 2
National Leadership Conference

National Officer Training

Application and Campaigns

Please check back on March 15 for more details and to access the application.

Campaign Policies and Procedures

Candidates may not:

  • contact members from other states prior to the NLC;
  • post the candidate’s intent to run for national office on web pages, including state websites, on state and national message boards, social media platforms, in email messages, or in print prior to the NLC;
  • create a campaign website or electronic campaign app (for smartphones or iPads).

Current national officers cannot endorse or support the campaign for any candidate. Candidates may not include quotes, photos, recommendations, or statements from current FBLA, PBL, or PD national officers.

National FBLA-PBL staff members cannot endorse or support the campaign for any candidate. Candidates may not include quotes, photos, recommendations, or statements from current national staff members.

Candidates may not endorse other candidates for national office. This includes coordinating campaign themes or social media posts. Candidates may not include other candidates’ images or quotes on his or her own campaign materials.

Social Media

Always follow the FBLA-PBL social networking guidelines.

Candidates may use social media to campaign at the beginning of the Campaign Rally portion of the Opening Session and Campaign Rally. If campaigning is reported prior to this time, candidates may be disqualified.

If you plan to use a conference slogan or hashtag, these must not appear on social media prior to the indicated time.

Current FBLA, PBL, or PD national officers and national FBLA-PBL staff members cannot be included on campaign social media posts (whether in photos, tags, or comments).

It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that all campaign staff and your state are aware of the timeframe for social media campaigning. This includes state chapter social media accounts, state officers, and members.

Campaign Violations

Prior to or during NLC, if you believe a violation of campaign regulations has occurred, please report it via email to lsmothers@fbla.org. Violating campaign regulations may result in disqualification.

Applicants will not have to bring in any samples of campaign materials to the interview. The committee will have the applicant’s portfolio that was collected at the Candidate Briefings Session as well as the final copy of the financial statement and itemized receipts.

Business attire is required. Please review the official Dress Code.

Only applicants certified by the officer screening committee become official candidates and are eligible to run for elected office. Candidacy cannot be announced until campaigning officially begins.


National and Regional Voting

Please check back for more details related to voting on March 15, 2021.

The office of national parliamentarian is an appointed position. According to the national bylaws, the candidate scoring the highest on the Parliamentary Procedure written test at the National Leadership Conference will be appointed to the position of national parliamentarian. This candidate must have submitted an application.

Election Results

Election results will be announced during the Awards of Excellence Ceremony. There will be no rehearsal for the officer installation.

Newly-Elected/Appointed National Officer Meeting

There is a mandatory meeting for all newly-elected/appointed national officers backstage immediately following the Awards of Excellence Ceremony.

National Officer Training

FBLA National Officer Training dates are TBD.