Congratulations on taking the step to run for national office!  Please refer to this page for all candidate information.

Draft copies of the following are due to by June 1 for pre-screening: campaign materials, speech, financial statement, and list of booth items.  

FBLA National Officer Candidates

Travis Johnson, South Carolina, Booth # 221
Ben Posch, Kansas, Booth # 224
Ty Rickard, Alabama, Booth # 122

Margo Boyd, Oregon, Booth # 124

Vivian Clarke, Arizona, Booth # 219

Eastern Region Vice President
Drew Lojewski, Pennsylvania, Booth # 223
Chai Ratnakaram, New York, Booth # 320

Mountain Plains Region Vice President
Evelyn Bodoni, Colorado, Booth # 220
Wyatt Ebben, Wyoming, Booth # 319
Drake Vorderstrasse, Nebraska, Booth # 419
Trenity Wall, Texas, Booth # 322

North Central Region Vice President
Maria Anderson, Wisconsin, Booth # 321
Ben Morrison, Missouri, Booth # 324

Southern Region Vice President
Lauren Freeman, Georgia, Booth # 222
Ethan Ghozali, Florida, Booth # 423

Western Region Vice President
Rishab Balakrishnan, Utah, Booth # 323
Haneol Lee, Washington, Booth # 421

Lauren Freeman, Georgia
Elizabeth Howell, Georgia
Vivian Jiang, California
Verna Li, Georgia
Holly Padko, New Jersey
Lyndsey Sweet, Kentucky
Hayden Wood, Arkansas

Please Note: All FBLA conference exhibitors including National Officer Candidates are urged to work through the official drayage contractor, Freeman. Where possible, all crated material should be shipped in advance. For Freeman Service information please click on this link Freeman Service Kit