Campaign Reminders

All National Officer Candidates may use social media to campaign beginning at the close of the National Campaign Rally that follows the Opening General Session.

Any items displayed or distributed that were not approved during prescreening will be confiscated during campaigning and returned to the candidate at the conclusion of the NLC.

Official campaigning (other than social media) for the offices of president, secretary, and treasurer may begin immediately following the National Officer Candidate Campaign Rally which is held after the Opening General Session.

  • Campaigning is strictly prohibited before or during the session with the exception of each candidate’s speech.
  • No material may be placed on chairs and signs may not be displayed until after the close of the Campaign Rally.
  • Candidates and campaign staff may display signs and distribute literature and campaign material at the back of the room ONLY as delegates leave the Campaign Rally.
  • Once the room is empty, signs must be covered again and no literature may be handed out until the campaign booths open.

Campaigning for the offices of the five regional vice presidents (other than social media) may first begin on the opening day of the campaign booths in the campaign hall.

  • Regional vice presidents may place campaign materials on chairs before the Regional Campaign Rallies begin.
  • No material can be posted inside this room, but hand–held campaign signs can be used.
  • Campaign signs must be attached to wooden sticks–wire hangers cannot be used.
  • Regional vice president candidates and their campaign staff may hand out campaign material at doors both as students and advisers enter or leave the Regional Campaign Rallies.
  • Once the room is empty, signs must be covered again and no literature may be handed out except in the campaign booth area.

Campaign Speeches. Candidates for national offices (president, secretary, treasurer) will deliver their speeches during the Campaign Rally immediately following the Opening General Session. Candidates for vice president will deliver their campaign speeches during the Regional Campaign Rallies and State Presidents’ Reports.

All campaign speeches are limited to a total of two minutes.

  • The time is monitored and strictly enforced.
  • No audio–visual equipment may be used during campaign speeches.
  • Business attire must be worn.
  • Only the national officer candidate may participate in the campaign speech (i.e. no introductions, skits, or props).

Campaign Literature, Materials, and Campaign Booths. National officer candidates, their adviser(s), and their campaign staff may set up their campaign booth.

All candidates and their campaign staff are responsible for maintaining a clean and orderly campaign hall.

Candidates should remember that the campaign booths are located in the conference exhibit hall and share space with commercial (paying) exhibitors. As you plan your campaign area, please remember to be courteous to the other exhibitors and do not plan activities in the campaign hall that would be disruptive to their ability to conduct their business.

  • Candidates will be assigned to an area in the campaign hall for their campaign booths.
  • PBL candidate booths are table top only – 6’ by 30” table and two chairs.
  • The PBL candidate area will not be draped. FBLA candidate booths are 8’ x 10’ with an 8’ drape behind and a 3’ drape on the sides. Included are a skirted and draped 6’ x 30” table, two chairs, and a trash can. Candidates may only use the space that falls within the booth dimensions.
  • Candidates and campaign staff may only campaign in their own booth area in the campaign hall. Any campaigning in the hall outside of this area is prohibited.
  • All candidates and campaign staff in the campaign hall must be dressed in business attire.
  • Candidates and campaign staff are not allowed to wear costumes, aprons, t–shirts, polo shirts, hats, etc. in the campaign booth area, campaign hall, or conference sessions (workshops, meetings, general sessions, Candidate Q&A, etc.).
  • Candidates should make sure that they store or take to their room items of high value when they are not in use at the booth. FBLA-PBL is not responsible for any items that may disappear from the campaign booths.

National Officer Candidate Q & A. For the offices of president, secretary, and treasurer, the Q & A Session (not to total more than 15 minutes in length for each office) will occur on the morning of the third day of the NLC.

For the offices of the regional vice presidents, a brief Q & A Session (not to total more than 15 minutes in length) will be conducted immediately following the campaign speeches during the Regional Campaign Rallies and State President’s Reports. Business attire is required for both sessions. 

 National and Regional Voting Sessions. No campaigning is allowed on the day of the National and Regional Voting Session.


National officer elections will take place on the final day of the National Leadership Conference. Voting for national president, national secretary, and national treasurer candidates will take place during the National Voting Delegate Session. (In PBL, all voting will take place at once).

Voting for FBLA regional vice presidents will take place during the Regional Voting Sessions.

  • Voting will be done electronically.
  • A majority vote is required for election.
  • If a majority is not reached, the teller’s report will be read prior to re–voting.
  • If no candidate receives a majority vote on the third ballot, the candidate receiving the lowest number of votes for that ballot will be dropped from the fourth ballot.
  • If necessary, the candidate receiving the lowest number of votes shall be dropped from each subsequent ballot until one candidate receives a majority of votes.

Candidates are members and are not disqualified from assuming the roles of state or local voting delegates. However, keep in mind that campaign–related events cannot be rescheduled to accommodate other commitments including participating in individual, team, or chapter competitive events.

No two FBLA national officers may be elected from the same state chapter. No two PBL national officers may be elected from the same state chapter. With the exception of the regional vice president, no more than two PBL national officers may be elected from the same region. Unopposed PBL national officer candidates will not be eliminated because of these restrictions.

The office of national parliamentarian is an appointed position. According to the National Bylaws, the candidate scoring the highest on the Parliamentary Procedures written test at the National Leadership Conference will be appointed to the position of national parliamentarian. This candidate must have filed a National Officer Application.