National Officer Handbook

Expectations & Duties

As a national officer, you are a member of the team that plays a vital role in increasing membership and planning projects, workshops, and conferences. Your main duty is to be a contributing member of the team and provide support for your fellow officers, and Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc. (FBLA-PBL).

Please review the National Officer Code of Conduct. Your behavior throughout the year should be guided by the principles detailed in the Code.

All National Officers shall: 

  • pay dues no later than September 15.
  • keep local and state advisers informed of all national officer duties and assignments.
  • attend National Officer Training.
  • adhere to any travel dates and policies when traveling on behalf of FBLA-PBL.
  • apply for the ACTE Outstanding Business Student Award.
  • update the National Officer Team Summary Report by the fifth of each month, for the previous month.
  • prepare and present workshops for various conferences.
  • meet timelines set by FBLA-PBL.
  • wear official formal and casual national officer uniform only at functions that have been approved by FBLA-PBL.
  • attend and participate in all national officer meetings scheduled by FBLA-PBL national staff.
  • FBLA: attend one assigned National Fall Leadership Conference (NFLC). Officers must arrive one day prior to start of NFLC and will leave the morning after NFLC concludes.
  • PBL:
  • host the State Officer Track at your assigned NFLC.
  • attend the National Leadership Conference (NLC). Officers must arrive one day before the start of NLC and leave the morning after NLC concludes.
  • if qualifying for competition, only participate in objective test events (no individual, team, or chapter performance events).
  • refrain from serving on state, district, or chapter nominating committees; endorsing potential candidates; and/or being involved in any campaign activities.
  • participate in the Home State Advantage Program.
  • submit articles on FBLA-PBL programs and initiatives for national publications.
  • achieve, at a minimum, the Leader level of the Business Achievement Awards (BAA) or the Executive level of the Career and Membership Achievement Program (CMAP) before your term ends.
  • achieve, at a minimum, the Service level of the Community Service Awards (CSA) before your term ends (FBLA only).
  • regularly update your social media accounts with FBLA-PBL content.
  • work with the other officers, meet your commitments, and communicate clearly and honestly.
  • be on time (15–20 minutes early) and attentive for every meeting.
  • represent the views of the membership, not those of the individual officer.
  • be available to represent the organization as approved by the FBLA-PBL.
  • keep up-to-date correspondence and send a copy of all official emails, memos, and letters to national officer staff liaisons for approval prior to sending. Allow three business days for response. Nothing may be distributed without approval from FBLA-PBL. Copy your state adviser on all correspondence with state officers or local advisers.
  • fulfill designated duties assigned in the program of work.
  • always be prepared, on any occasion, to make impromptu remarks.
  • notify the FBLA-PBL national officer liaisons immediately of circumstances that prevent completion of an assignment.
  • provide guidance, leadership, and inspiration to all members.

PBL Officers shall:

  • Each national officer must submit proof of enrollment for the fall semester by August 31.
  • A copy of each officer’s fall semester transcript and proof of enrollment for the spring semester must be submitted by January 31.
  • All enrollment/transcript communication must be sent to

Non-authorized Activities

National officers are not permitted to:

  • endorse or support FBLA-PBL candidates for local, state, or national office. This includes interacting (liking, sharing, retweeting, etc.) with candidate social media accounts after their candidacy has been announced.
  • personally endorse any product, item, or service on behalf of business education or FBLA-PBL;
  • accept personal honorariums or payments for services performed as an FBLA-PBL national officer;
  • obligate FBLA-PBL for funds or services of any nature;
  • independently solicit invitations to meetings or conferences. All travel must be approved by national officer staff liaisons prior to making arrangements;
  • independently coordinate or participate in a mid-year planning retreat. There is no mid-year planning retreat for national officers.
  • send official correspondence representing the FBLA-PBL National Center or the national organization without prior approval from the national officer staff liaisons. This includes letters, reports, email distributions, etc.

All officers will refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages while representing FBLA-PBL at any events or activities, including national and state conferences. We encourage you to socialize with members, just not at locations where alcohol is the primary purpose of the establishment.


Duties of the National President

In addition to the duties listed for all national officers, the national president shall:

  • preside over and conduct all national officer meetings, according to parliamentary procedure, using the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, and the national FBLA or PBL bylaws.
  • after discussing agenda items with national officer staff liaisons, send the agenda and notice of all meetings to all national officers at least five working days prior to each meeting.
  • lead the national officer team in planning the program of work and review and evaluation.
  • attend monthly phone conference with FBLA-PBL President & CEO.
  • serve as a member of the FBLA-PBL National Board of Directors.
  • appoint committees of national officers and serve as an ex-officio member of all appointed committees.
  • ensure the National Officer Mid-Year Report and Annual Report are completed and submitted to the FBLA-PBL National Center on time.
  • manage one National President’s Council (limit five members).
  • prepare a President’s Message column for each issue of Tomorrow’s Business Leader (FBLA President) or the PBL Business Leader (PBL President) and submit according to the FBLA-PBL editorial calendar deadlines.
  • attend additional conferences such as ACTE (FBLA), NBEA (PBL), the January & June board of directors meetings, the State Leadership Summit, etc.
  • prepare, implement, and track a membership recruitment and retention strategy.
  • participate in the FBLA-PBL Week Presidents’ Forum hosted by FBLA-PBL (during FBLA-PBL Week).
  • perform other duties for the promotion and development of local, regional, state, and national FBLA-PBL.

Duties of the National Secretary:

In addition to the duties listed for all national officers, the national secretary shall:

  • prepare and share the team summary monthly report by the 15th of each month.
  • publish and email minutes of the national officer meetings/phone calls within five business days after the meeting to all national officers, their advisers, their state advisers, and the national officer staff liaisons.
  • prepare the final copy of the program of work as directed by the rest of the national officer team.
  • manage Home State Advantage Program (monitor national officers’ progress and update in national officer team summary report, each month).
  • manage the National Secretary’s Council (limit five members).
  • solicit Silent Auction donations for the NLC.
  • encourage local and state chapters to send news stories and photos for national publications.
  • promote national celebrations and conferences (i.e. American Enterprise Day, FBLA-PBL Week, NFLC, NLC).
  • manage requests for national officer electronic visits (Skype, Google Hangout, etc.).
  • perform other duties for the promotion and development of local, regional, state, and national FBLA-PBL.

Duties of the National Treasurer

In addition to the duties listed for all national officers, the national treasurer shall:

  • keep accurate records of all national officer travel.
  • approve national officer electronic expense reports via email and ensure proper completion before national officers mail original copies with receipts to the FBLA-PBL National Center.
  • promote the national fundraising partners.
  • manage the Treasurer’s Council (limit five members).
  • help FBLA-PBL Programs Coordinator secure sponsorships for competitive events.
  • promote financial literacy resources for local and state chapters.
  • perform other duties for the promotion and development of local, regional, state, and national FBLA-PBL.

Duties of the National Parliamentarian

In addition to the duties listed for all national officers, the national parliamentarian shall:

  • advise national president on parliamentary procedure during national officer meetings and at conferences.
  • act as a resource person on parliamentary procedure for all local chapter voting delegates at the NLC.
  • ensure the election of national officers at the NLC follows correct parliamentary procedure and the FBLA or PBL national bylaws.
  • promote the March of Dimes and fundraising resources to local and state chapters.
  • encourage fellow national officers to participate and organize/register an FBLA-PBL team for a March for Babies event.
  • have a copy of the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised and the national FBLA or PBL bylaws.
  • perform other duties for the promotion and development of local, regional, state, and national FBLA-PBL.

Discipline Policy

Concerns affecting national officer performances should be sent to the FBLA-PBL national officer staff liaisons.

The national officer staff liaisons will inform the officer of the concerns and make inquiries. If the violation is of the corrective type, the officer involved will be informed and the national officer staff liaisons will work with the officer to improve performance. If the violation is not of the corrective type, removal procedures, determined by the national officer staff liaisons and the FBLA-PBL President & CEO, will be initiated. The officer who is accused of the violation may appeal the decision to the board of directors. The decision of the board is final.

Discipline Policy

Not following proper procedure as determined by FBLA-PBL, participating in non-authorized activities, and/or not completing assignments for the national officer staff liaisons (failure to attend national officer meetings scheduled by the FBLA-PBL; failure to satisfactorily carry out assigned responsibilities; inappropriate social media posts; failure to submit required reports when due; failure to communicate with the FBLA-PBL national staff and/or the national officer team) on time without advance approval will result in the following action:

  • Travel may be restricted and the reimbursement process will be suspended. A warning will be issued by the national officer staff liaisons, stating the reason for the warning and detailing the expected action and results required for the officer to maintain good standing as a national officer.
  • If positive action is not taken by the officer to correct the situation within thirty days of the first warning, all pending reimbursements will be forfeited and all travel will be suspended. A second and final warning will be issued by the national officer staff liaisons, with copies to parents, administrators, and local/state advisers.
  • If positive action is still not taken by the officer to correct the situation within 30 days of the second warning, it will be assumed the officer has decided to resign from office and appropriate action will be taken by the national officer staff liaisons and the President & CEO to complete this decision.

Officer Uniforms

The image you portray is a major indicator of the success you will have as a national officer. You have many talents and abilities and it is important to share them with others. By maintaining a professional image and conducting yourself professionally, you will be in the best position to make a positive impact.

Participants in FBLA-PBL conferences are required to adhere to the FBLA-PBL dress code. You are expected to be models of business professionals. Your attire should always be, at a minimum, clean and well-pressed.

Official Uniform

The official uniform for national officers is a single-breasted, navy blue blazer with the combined FBLA-PBL pocket patch. The blazer is worn with a white shirt, navy blue slacks, skirt, or dress, the official tie/scarf,  and name badge; all from MarketPlace. Uniforms will be provided by the National Center. If an officer requires a replacement tie, scarf, or name tag, he/she is responsible for ordering and paying in a timely manner to ensure delivery prior to the scheduled event at which the uniform must be worn. National Officers must purchase the appropriate polished shoes.

Business Casual Uniform

Your dress should always reflect a professional image. FBLA-PBL understands that, on occasion, it is acceptable to wear attire other than the official uniform. The official business casual uniform is the FBLA-PBL national officer team polo shirt with color-coordinated slacks. If an officer requires a replacement polo shirt, he/she must contact the national officer liaison to re-order and the officer is responsible for payment. In addition, there will be times when it is appropriate to wear business attire, which is not necessarily your officer uniform. Use your judgment, follow the FBLA-PBL dress code, and consider the purpose and nature of each event when determining your attire. The key thing to remember is you’ll always be safe in your official uniform.

Travel Attire

One of your primary responsibilities is to be an ambassador for the association and role model for members. Your attitude and actions must, at all times, be of the highest standard. You should be prepared and willing to answer questions and assist members, advisers, and FBLA-PBL supporters.

When traveling on behalf of FBLA-PBL, always wear your FBLA-PBL casual uniform, especially if traveling by air. We recommend that you carry on your official uniform to avoid the possibility of lost luggage issues. If there is a chance you will not have time to change into professional dress once on site, consider wearing your official uniform for travel.

Program of Work

FBLA-PBL is in the business of building future leaders. A three-way partnership between the board of directors, national officers, and national staff guides our pursuit of business leadership excellence. The national strategic plan unifies the effort of the association by translating the nine FBLA-PBL educational goals into effective action that delivers results and value for members and advisers.

You join this three-way partnership by actively engaging in the existing FBLA-PBL national strategic plan. During year of service, you will play a critical role in the successful implementation of current plans, while making important contributions to the future direction of the association.

Your success during your year of service will depend, to a great degree, upon your knowledge of current national plans. How well you develop a program of work that integrates innovative ideas, actions, duties, and objectives into the national strategic plan will determine the degree of achievement for both you and the association. To develop this program of work, each national officer team uses a program of work template. This template, which will be detailed during national officer training, has been developed using the four strategic goals of the national organization’s strategic plan.

This plan overview broadly outlines the direction national officers, state, and board members are taking with the national association.

Strategic Goals

Customer Service
To be responsive to the needs of our students, advisers, and business customers.

To have the most effective partnerships of any career student organization.

To operate with yearly surpluses, while diversifying and increasing our funding sources, especially targeting business sponsorship of competitive events.

Image & Awareness
To be the best known career student organization in the country.


Traveling on FBLA-PBL business outside of your home state must be approved in advance. National FBLA-PBL will assign all officer travel and coordinate all air reservations. You may attend up to two state-sponsored functions each year in outside of your home state.


National FBLA-PBL assigns a national staff member and/or state advisers to serve as official chaperones to national officers for nationally-sponsored events. Chaperone arrangements will be confirmed with the your parent/guardian and designated adviser. National officers are required to travel to FBLA-PBL events 4–6+ times a year. The cost of approved travel is covered by FBLA-PBL.

In some cases, the school district/state will require a school official, parent/guardian, or teacher to serve as a chaperone for national officers. FBLA-PBL welcomes school/state-required chaperones and will make every effort to include them in the program. The expense for school/state-required chaperones is the responsibility of the school/state and the national officer liaison must be informed of additional chaperones prior to the event.



You must attend National Officer Training and NLC. FBLA officers will also attend only one NFLC where you will be expected to present at least one workshop assigned at National Officer Training. PBL officers will attend the Career Connections Conference. State conference travel will be requested by the state chairperson and assigned by the national staff based on need, request, availability, budget considerations, and your performance. In addition, you may be assigned to attend business meetings, trade shows, conventions, and other special events as an official national ambassador and spokesperson for FBLA-PBL.

FBLA: National Fall Leadership Conference (NFLC)
the conferences have been canceled for 2020 and alternate programming will be offered to members and advisers

NFLC travel assignments are based upon the office held, officer’s own state attendance, and proximity to conference site. Travel to additional NFLCs (other than those assigned) is not permitted. You will arrive Thursday evening and depart on Sunday morning. Actual conference dates for all of the above are Friday and Saturday. You will speak at the general sessions, attend all scheduled meetings/functions, host the NFLC State Officer Track, and perform other duties as assigned by national staff.

PBL: Career Connections Conference

You will attend the Career Connections Conference. Travel to additional NFLCs is not permitted. You will arrive Thursday evening and depart on Saturday afternoon.

National Leadership Conference (NLC)

You will receive travel dates in the spring. PBL officers are not allowed to attend the FBLA NLC, and FBLA officers are not allowed to attend the PBL NLC. FBLA and PBL national presidents will attend the national board of directors meeting.

Hotel Reservations

Hotel reservations for national conferences will be arranged by the national staff. Only hotel room and tax will be charged to the FBLA-PBL master account. All meals, incidentals, and room service charges must be paid with cash or credit card and will be reimbursed by FBLA-PBL upon receipt of a correctly submitted expense report and itemized receipts for acceptable expenses. Meal expenses may not exceed $30 per day.

Rooming Assignments

Room assignments will be made by national staff. It is never acceptable for anyone other than the person assigned by FBLA-PBL to room with a national officer (e.g., friends, family, etc.). National officers may not be in the sleeping room of any other member and may not have anyone, other than the assigned national officer roommate, in their sleeping rooms.

State Conferences

States may request national officer attendance at their conferences by contacting FBLA-PBL. In order to attend a state conference, the state adviser or state chair must submit the official request online. You are not permitted to solicit invitations or confirm attendance at a state event (other than your own state). All invitations for state events or other activities must be coordinated by the national officer liaisons. State event assignments are made based on your performance, position, proximity to site, budget, and availability. Each national officer has the opportunity to attend up to two state conferences per year, other than your own state.

State Conference Expenses

National officer travel expenses are negotiated by FBLA-PBL with the host state. Expenses for hotel and meals for the national officer are the responsibility of the host state. If you require your own adviser to attend, the adviser’s lodging and meal expenses will be negotiated between your school/state and the host state. Once you have been approved to attend a state event, the coordinator of the activity will be notified by FBLA-PBL national staff.

State Travel Confirmation Process

After the national staff has notified the state, you are responsible for contacting the conference coordinator to confirm attendance, obtain event logistical information, and review officer assignments and responsibilities, and offer assistance. You should always room with another state officer (in other words, not have your own room) and follow the same rules (no one allowed in the room, except your assigned roommate) as FBLA-PBL conferences.

Review the state’s process for covering lodging and meal expenses and reconfirm with the event coordinator two weeks before the scheduled event and again two days before arrival. Any correspondence with states concerning state conference travel must be copied to national officer staff liaisons.

As a representative of the national association, you are required to remain impartial when attending and participating in state conferences. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you not serve as a judge or as a member of an officer screening committee at a local, district, or state level event during your term. State chapters are given this same message when they request officers to attend their conferences. However, there may be circumstances where a judge does not show or the state feels it necessary to ask you to assist. In such cases, use your discretion. Do not accept such an assignment if it makes you uncomfortable.


Approved Expenses

As a national leader, it is your responsibility to maximize every dollar, thereby turning expenses into an investment in the FBLA-PBL mission. Care and thought must be exercised when incurring expenses. If you have any questions or concerns regarding approved expenses, ask before you spend.

Reimbursement Process for National Officer Expenses

The official national officer Travel and Expense Report form must be used to receive reimbursements. If the expense description does not seem to fit appropriately within the categories on the travel and expense report, place the expense in the miscellaneous category and use the back of the report form to explain the nature of the expense. No sharing of expenses (e.g., meals, taxi, etc.) is allowed.

Once the form is complete, make a copy of the original itemized receipts and completed expense report for your records and email it to the national treasurer for approval. Tape the original receipts on 8 ½” x 11” paper and staple to the expense report. Tape all edges of receipts and ensure tape does not cover totals.

If you are submitting vehicle mileage expenses, you must include a printout from a map source (i.e. Mapquest, Google Maps, etc.) with the starting address and ending address for each portion of your trip. Mileage expenses may not exceed the total miles on these maps.

Expenses without receipts will not be reimbursed. It is now necessary to document tips on receipts.

Once the national treasurer approves your report, mail it and all original receipts in the requested format, to the national staff liaisons within 30 days of the date expenses were incurred. Expense reports received after this time period will not be reimbursed. Please allow three weeks after receipt of expense report for reimbursement.

Covered National Travel Expenses

The following types of expenses are approved during your participation in national conferences:

  • vehicle mileage to and from the conference site, up to the amount of the lowest quoted airfare. You may claim mileage or submit gasoline receipts, not both;
  • meals for the duration of the conference ($30 per day limit, receipts required).
  • transportation such as taxi, Uber/Lyft, and airport shuttle (using an airport shuttle is often more cost-effective, unless traveling with a group when a taxi may be less expensive).
  • tips for bellman and maid (no receipt needed). See below for tipping suggestions.
  • airport parking.

If you have any questions about expenses, contact the FBLA-PBL staff liaisons.

Tipping Instructions


  • Bell desk: $1/car, given when the car is taken from and returned to you.
  • Housekeeping: $1/night per room per person, unless you are in a suite or more than one room, then it is $1 per room.


  • Taxi: 10–15% of total fare
  • Skycaps: $1/bag
  • Long-term parking shuttle driver: $1/bag, if the driver assists with bags
  • Special assistance: If traveling with crutches or a wheelchair, tip no more than $5 to any employee who provides assistance.


  • Full service restaurant: 15% of total bill, pre-tax
  • Takeout: no tip necessary
  • Room service: No tip necessary, as bill automatically includes a 20% tip. When possible, do not use room service.

Covered State Travel Expenses

The state chapter hosting you is responsible for your meals and lodging. In certain cases, national FBLA-PBL will share these costs with the host state. However, this must be arranged and approved by FBLA-PBL in advance. The following types of expenses may be approved for national officers in performing assigned duties:

  • copies and printing in small quantities
  • workshop supplies and materials, if previously approved (e.g., handouts, candy, etc.).

Complimentary Conference Registration Fees

Registration fees for NLC and one NFLC are complimentary for national officers. To take advantage of this benefit, national conference registration must be completed with the officer’s individual local chapter. Once your adviser registers you, email for fee adjustment.

Adviser/Chaperone Travel Expenses 

FBLA-PBL provides chaperones for all nationally sponsored events or activities requiring the service of national officers. Therefore, no additional travel expenses for state or school district required chaperones will be reimbursed. The national association welcomes the support of outside chaperones and advisers. Every effort will be made to work with chaperones on a case-by-case basis to minimize expenses and share costs, as appropriate.

Expenses Not Approved by FBLA-PBL

You are responsible to the members and advisers to spend prudently and wisely. Being a national officer should not, in any way, be a financial hardship for the officer, his/her family, or school. FBLA-PBL wants you to achieve your goals and to have the tools and resources to succeed. Use planning, thought, and good judgment at all times. These expense and advance policies and procedures should not hamper creativity or desire to meet the needs of members. Ideas or questions should be directed to the national officer staff liaisons. The following types of expenses are not approved for national officers and should not be submitted for reimbursement:

  • rental cars for use during conferences
  • entertainment expenditures (e.g., taking others to lunch, music subscriptions, movies—in room or theaters—etc.)
  • travel costs within home state, unless special approval has been granted
  • cell phones, new phone lines, or Internet provider fees (long distance calls from cellular phones will not be reimbursed)
  • products from the FBLA-PBL MarketPlace or other FBLA-PBL service suppliers
  • purchases of computer or office equipment or software
  • wardrobe, accessories, and luggage
  • mass mailings and overnight packages
  • software and web page development fees


National officers are the key communication link between the national association and the state chapters. With this role comes specific reporting and communication responsibilities throughout the year. As national leaders and ambassadors, you represent the ultimate FBLA-PBL leader. It is extremely important that your communications are professional, positive, and accurate.

Monthly Communications to State Chapters

You are responsible for maintaining and strengthening communication with state presidents, state officers, and state advisers. Primary state communication with state presidents is the responsibility of national vice presidents, however all state officers are critical to the association leadership.

Fifth of the Month Reports

You are responsible for completing the national officer team summary report by the fifth of each month beginning September 5 and continuing through June 5. These reports should be submitted online. Local chapter advisers should always review this report prior to submission. Fifth of the month reports generally report officer activity, assignments, communication, success stories, and important information that other national officers, national staff, or board of directors members should know.

National Officer Monthly Summary

The national secretary is responsible for proofreading and finalizing the compiled team summary report. Summaries are derived from each officer’s addition to the document and chronicle the success and activity of the national officer team. The document will be linked to the National Briefings sent to state committee, staff, and board of directors.

National Officer Mid-Year Report

The national officer team is responsible for developing a brief mid-year report (1–2 pages) summarizing activity and results for the first half of their term and outlining plans for the remainder of the term. This report will be developed in December, approved by the national officer staff liaisons, and submitted to the President and CEO prior to the board of directors’ winter meeting.

National Officer Year-End Report

The national officer year-end report follows a similar format to the local and state chapter annual business report. This brief report (1–2 pages) is due in June and chronicles the results of national officers for the entire year. This report must be approved by the national officer staff liaisons before the final copy is presented at the board of directors meeting.

Communication with National Staff

Information exchange between the national leaders of the association is critical to the success of FBLA-PBL. National staff members keep up to date on your activities through your various monthly reports. You will also work on a project-by-project basis with various national staff, as appropriate.

Review & Approval Process

All written communication (reports, letters, web content, articles, social media posts, etc.) should first be reviewed and proofed by your local chapter adviser. Prior to sending/posting, all written communication must be reviewed and approved by the national officer staff liaisons. Editing and approval usually takes less than 72 hours. Submit a copy of the final draft to your state adviser and Be sure to keep an up-to-date file of your communication for future reference.

Social Media

Serving as an FBLA-PBL national officer is a privilege. Officers are seen as role models within our organization. As leaders, you have the responsibility to portray the national officer team, FBLA-PBL, and yourself in a positive manner at all times. During your term of office, your social media accounts should be branded to represent your national FBLA-PBL position. Your profile and cover photos should promote FBLA-PBL and our events, programs, and values. Please keep the image of FBLA-PBL in mind for all social media posts. Each post you make, even those not about FBLA-PBL, reflects on you, the national officer team, and FBLA-PBL. National officers are expected to post regularly (at least once per week) to these accounts for effective communication with members and to promote FBLA-PBL programs, conferences, and share information. All messages should align with the FBLA-PBL programs, goals, and brand. Social networking sites have increased in popularity and are used by the majority of FBLA-PBL members and advisers. Officers may not be aware that third parties including sponsors, potential members, media, and national staff can easily access their profiles and view all personal information (includes all pictures, videos, comments, etc.). Inappropriate material found by third parties affects the perception of the officer and FBLA-PBL.

For your own safety, please keep the following recommendations in mind as you participate in social networking websites:

  1. You should not post your email, home address, local address, telephone number(s) or other personal information as it could lead to unwanted attention, stalking, identify theft, etc.
  2. Consider how your behavior can be reflected in all social networking opportunities.

If you ever doubt the appropriateness of your online public material, consider whether it upholds and positively reflects your own values and ethics as well as that of FBLA-PBL. Remember to always present a positive image and don’t do anything to embarrass yourself, your team, your family, or FBLA-PBL. While serving as an FBLA-PBL national officer, you will not be added as an administrator or have admin access to the national social media accounts. To ensure a consistent voice and messaging, these accounts are managed by FBLA-PBL national staff. Please do not create official accounts on social media platforms without prior approval from the national officer staff liaisons. If you have questions about official social media, contact

National Officer Supply Request Process

FBLA-PBL national staff members are committed to providing national officers with the tools and resources to operate effectively and efficiently, and accomplish objectives. Cooperation and planning are essential to ensure supply requests are processed in a timely manner and within budget. Email supply requests to the national officer staff liaisons. Detail the type, quantity, and purpose of supplies. Requests will be processed within one week and should arrive within 10 working days.

Supplies Available:

  • official association letterhead and envelopes
  • business cards
  • miscellaneous promotional literature related to national programs

Supplies Not Available:

  • general office supplies (e.g., tape, pens, paper clips, etc.)
  • office equipment (e.g., computers, tablets, staplers, cell phones, copiers, etc.)
  • folders, paper, note cards, thank you notes, and similar items