Business Achievement Awards


Registering Students:

  1. Log into your chapter membership record.
  2. Click on the National Programs button.
  3. To register students for any level of the BAA, Click on View Students for BAA.
  4. A list of your active and inactive students will be displayed (25 student record show on each page – click the page number at the top of the screen to go to additional pages).
  5. In order to register a student for any level of the BAA, the student must either have a pending membership order or be paid (inactive or active in the database).
  6. Click on award level button (Future, Business, Leader, or America) under the name of the student that you want to register.
  7. You will receive a URL to the student portal.
  8. Copy paste the URL and give it to your student. They will need this URL, their FBLA Membership ID (which is included by the URL), and your FBLA Chapter number (located on your membership record under account or in the box in the upper right hand corner in the adviser area) in order to login and track their progress.

Reviewing Student Work:

  1. Log into your chapter membership record.
  2. Click on the Adviser Area (Access Adviser Area).
  3. Click on FBLA Business Achievement Awards-BAA Online.
  4. Click on Review Award Registrations for the level that you want (i.e. Future Award).
  5. Click on KEY/REVIEW to the left of the student name of the student you want to review.
  6. Once a student has completed all activities, you will see a submit button.
  7. Submit entry so that award is coded.


  1. Review the Overview of the Business Achievement Awards.
  2. Log into the Student Portal
  • Chapter Number
  • FBLA Membership Number
  1. Select and work on your activities.
  2. Upload your activities in the program.
  3. Inform your adviser when you are done.

About the Business Achievement Awards

The Business Achievement Awards (BAA) is a leadership development program for high school students that is easy to integrate into your classroom. The cocurricular activities are aligned to the career clusters, NBEA standards, and FBLA goals. View the alignments.

Students enhance their leadership skills, expand their business knowledge, contribute to their local communities, and earn recognition by immersing themselves in their school, community, and FBLA programs.

Chapter advisers direct students through each level, while students work at their own pace to independently complete projects. There are four levels of the BAA, with each level increasingly challenging your high school students to expand their leadership skills and showcase their talents:

  • Future
  • Business
  • Leader
  • America

Each level builds upon previous work, and your students receive recognition when they complete each level. Students must be members of the FBLA division. Join today.

Service, Education, Progress: The Foundation of the BAA

Each level of the BAA covers these core activities and concepts:

Service—Uncover the link between a community and the success of a business. Your members focus on activities that improve the member’s school, area businesses, community, and state.

Education—Understand business and the world of work. Your members focus on activities and curriculum that prepare them for corporate America, develop an appreciation of entrepreneurship, and understand the benefits of continuing education. With input from business educators, industry professionals, and college educators, your members will be more prepared for their futures at college and at work.

Progress—Explore the local, state, and national levels of FBLA-PBL and how they complement one another. Your members focus on activities that promote FBLA-PBL at the local, regional/district, state and national levels.

BAA Level 1: Future

The BAA Future level focuses on basic business skills, introduces your members to community service, and emphasizes the importance of FBLA involvement at the local level.

  • Recognition: Pins presented at a local awards ceremony or FBLA event by adviser.
  • Deadline: March 1
  • Activities: Future Award

BAA Level 2: Business

The BAA Business level focuses on local and district/regional and state FBLA involvement, helps your members develop intermediate business skills, and highlights community leadership.

  • Recognition: Pins presented at a local awards ceremony or FBLA event by adviser.
  • Deadline: March 1
  • Prerequisite: Future Award
  • Activities: Business Award

BAA Level 3: Leader

The BAA Leader level focuses on local, district, regional, state, and national FBLA involvement, develops advanced business skills for your members, and helps your members become community leaders.

  • Recognition: Pins presented at State Leadership Conference.
  • Deadline: March 1
  • Prerequisite: Future and Business Awards
  • Activities: Leader Award

BAA Level 4: America

The BAA America level focuses on FBLA leadership at all levels, helps your members hone advanced business skills, and instills a spirit of community involvement in your members.