Action Awareness Activities

Chapters complete ten (10) total activities. The first four (4) are required. Six additional activities can be selected from the Other Activities section. All delegates of chapters completing Action Awareness attending the FBLA National Leadership Conference receive ribbons for their conference name badge.

Required Activities

Activity 1 (Required): Plan an activity for your members for each day of FBLA-PBL Week.

Activity 2 (Required): Plan at least one activity for CTE Month in February that is different form the activities that your chapter planned for FBLA-PBL Week.

Activity 3 (Required): Plan a second semester recruitment drive.

Activity 4 (Required): Have one of your offices write a letter to their senator or legislator highlighting the importance of Perkins funding to Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) like FBLA-PBL and share the benefits of membership. Create and Share a 1-Minute Commercial about the importance of Career and Technical Education and CTSOs.

Other Activities – Select Six (6):

Activity 1: Have at least one member or adviser participate in the National Presidents’ Forum on Monday of FBLA-PBL Week and ask one question.

Activity 2: Prepare a flyer, bulletin board, or a display promoting FBLA-PBL Week.

Activity 3: Have at least one member achieve the Leader Level of the Business Achievement Awards (BAA).

Activity 4: Have your officers or members prepare a print ad and a PSA about FBLA-PBL Week or a video blog done during FBLA-PBL Week.

Activity 5: Participate in the On the Road to Nationals Campaign.

Activity 6: Organize a second semester business tour for chapter members who have all paid dues.

Activity 7: Invite a professional member to speak at a local chapter meeting or event. This activity must be different than one of the activities for FBLA-PBL Week on the required first task.

Activity 8: Register a team for the Spring Stock Market Game (Post a photo and name of your Team to FBLA’s National Twitter page with #Stock Market Game. (All FBLA delegates who attend the NLC and participate in the Spring Stock Market Game will receive ribbons at the NLC to wear on their conference name badges)

Activity 9: Have at least one local chapter officer participate in Share your FBLA Story Day on the Sunday of FBLA-PBL Week on social media and tag their story with #FBLAPBLWeek.

Activity 10: Achieve Connect Ten (ten members more than last year’s ending membership number) for your Local Chapter. (All NLC delegates of chapters who achieve Connect Ten will receive a ribbon to wear on their NLC name badge).