Preview of Super Sweeps Activities

Required Activities

These four (4) activities are required.

Activity 1 (Required): Plan a Recruitment Drive. (Post a photo to your chapter’s Facebook or Instagram pages with a description of one of your Recruitment Drive Activities—make sure that you have members in the photo. Upload a copy here.)

Activity 2 (Required): Create a Membership Committee to focus on new ways to bring in and retain members. (Upload a copy here.)

Activity 3 (Required): Submit membership dues for 10 paid members members using the online membership registration. (Upload a copy here.)

Activity 4 (Required): Have two of your members begin working on the Future Level activities for the Business Achievement Awards. (Upload a copy here.)

Other Activities

Choose six (6) activities.

Prepare a flyer of membership benefits to distribute to chapter members. Have one of your officers highlight one benefit at every FBLA meeting throughout the year. (Upload a copy here.)

Make a list of those students who were members and have dropped their membership over the years and send them a “We Want You Back” letter. In addition, have officers talk to some of them and find out the reasons why they dropped and include this in a letter. (Upload a copy here.)

Create a Rookie Committee consisting of all new members and chaired by one of your local chapter officers. The members of this committee are asked to develop new projects for the group and participate in other activities. (Upload a copy here.)

Produce a fact sheet and chapter bulletin board displaying the national theme and encouraging students to join your FBLA chapter. (Upload a copy here.)

Have local chapter officers prepare and give presentations highlighting the benefits of FBLA to classes. (Upload a copy here.)

Establish an effective “buddy system” that results in the partnership of at least 10 returning FBLA members and 10 new FBLA members and plan at least one fun “buddy” activity. (Upload a copy here.)

Offer a prize to the person in your chapter who recruits the most new members. (Upload a copy here.)

Survey current members to determine what benefits are most valuable to them. Emphasize these benefits by creating a flyer to use when speaking to new members. (Upload a copy here.)

Hold an informational meeting just for prospective members. Have officers and chapter alumni or professional members tell visitors about the benefits of FBLA. (Upload a copy here.)

Have one of your officers prepare and record a one minute video elevator speech about the benefits of joining your FBLA chapter. (Upload a copy here.)

Organize a special outing for FBLA paid members to a business, professional sports game, amusement park, etc. (Upload a copy here.)

Plan an Induction Ceremony for new members. (Upload a copy here.)

Create a chapter newsletter or e-mail blast and either a chapter Facebook site, website, or blog. (Upload a copy here.)

Host a FBLA chapter spirit day in which all members show up to school in either FBLA shirts or in blue and gold, and hold an FBLA meeting to celebrate. (Post a photo of your members in their spirit day attire to our National Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages. Upload a copy here.)

Register a team for the Fall Stock Market Game (Post a photo and name of your Team to FBLA’s National Twitter page with #StockMarketGame. (All FBLA delegates who attend the NFLC and participate in the Fall Stock Market Game will receive ribbons on the NFLC to wear on their conference name badges. Upload a copy here.)