Community Service Awards


Registering Students:

  1. Log into your chapter membership record.
  2. Click on the National Programs button.
  3. To register students for any level of the CSA, Click on View Students for CSA.
  4. A list of your active and inactive students will be displayed (25 student record show on each page – click the page number at the top of the screen to go to additional pages).
  5. In order to register a student for any level of the CSA, the student must either have a pending membership order or be paid (inactive or active in the database).
  6. You will receive a URL to the student portal.
  7. Copy paste the URL and give it to your student. They will need this URL, their FBLA Membership ID (which is included by the URL), and your FBLA Chapter number (located on your membership record under account or in the box in the upper right hand corner in the adviser area) in order to login and track their progress.

Reviewing Student Work:

  1. Log into your chapter membership record.
  2. Click on the Adviser Area (Access Adviser Area).
  3. Click on FBLA Community Service Awards-CSA Online.
  4. Click on Review Award Registrations for the level that you want (i.e. Community Award).
  5. Click on KEY/REVIEW to the left of the student name of the student you want to review.
  6. Submit entry so that award is coded.

Instructions for Students:

  1. Log into the Student Portal
  • Chapter Number
  • FBLA Membership Number
  1. Select and work on your activities.
  2. Upload your activities in the program.
  3. Inform your adviser when you are done.

The FBLA Community Service Awards (CSA) recognizes FBLA members for their extraordinary commitment to community service.

It has three levels of recognition, based on the cumulative number of hours a member contributes to community service activities:

  • CSA Community—50 hours
  • CSA Service—200 hours
  • CSA Achievement—500 hours

CSA hours are cumulative and build throughout an FBLA member’s career.

Recognition for the FBLA CSA

The Community and Service award winners receive a certificate of recognition, which the local chapter adviser prints when a CSA is submitted. The CSA Achievement awards are presented at the National Leadership Conference (NLC).

Deadlines for the FBLA CSA

Community and Service awards must be submitted by March 1. Achievement awards must be submitted by April 30. Students may continue logging hours after the submission deadline. However, after the deadlines members cannot submit new community service hours until August 1 of the next school year.

Please direct all questions about the CSA program to