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Opportunity for FBLA High School & FBLA Middle School Members

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Lead4Change is a leadership program
where students make BIG things happen.

About Lead4Change

Empowered to Lead. Inspired to Serve. Lead4Change is a FREE leadership program reaching middle and high school students with a proven process to become passionate, service-minded leaders for life. Lead4Change provides teachers and chapter advisers with lessons aligned to National Standards such as Social Emotional Learning, 21st Century Skills, Project Based Learning, CTE and more.

Student teams can enter the Lead4Change Leadership Challenge for a chance to win up to $10,000 for their non-profit organization or school.

The deadline to submit your projects for the challenge are February 10 and May 12, 2023.

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Watch this short video From David Novak on the Introduction to Lessons


The Lead4Change Student Leadership Program is a leadership curriculum with a community service framework.

Here’s how:

  1. Register on our website to gain access to all materials and start making a BIG leadership difference in the lives of your students.  You will kick-off each lesson and then let your students take initiative as they work in teams.
  2. Receive a Welcome Packet which includes the leadership book, Taking People With You, by David Novak. This book is our gift, and the source from which the Lead4Change lessons were developed.
  3. Choose lesson format: 6-track lessons estimates 75-minutes per lesson (or for a semester) or the 12-lesson format which estimates 45-minutes (or less) per lesson.
  4. Oversee the completion of the community service project that students design and implement within the lessons.
  5. Share the story of your students’ work in the Lead4Change Challenge.


During this program, you will acquire and practice important skills that will mold you into a strong leader in this and all future endeavors.  Great for college or work preparation!

You will learn to know yourself, work with a team, create a vision, and believe in your ability to reach that future vision. You are about to embark on a journey that not only has the potential to make big things happen in your community and the world, but also in your very own life!

Would you like to see some ideas on projects that can be done virtually or with social distancing?

Check out our ideas page here.

Here’s how to start and finish the leadership program:

  1. The program can be completed, under the guidance of a teacher, parent or club adviser for students in 6-12th grades. You must be 13 years or older and to gain direct access to the videos, lessons, and resources (this is not a requirement) you may register here. Your teacher will also have access to all the lessons, videos and resources.
  2. Your teacher/advisor needs to register to gain access to the contest submission forms.
  3. Work through the lessons as a team (of three or more) to learn about yourself as a leader and how to work collaboratively to accomplish a goal.
  4. Develop a service project that will help a need in your community (as guided in the lessons) and you may track your service hours if needed.  Service hours can be used to meet other requirements for school too!  In addition, after entering your team’s project, each member will receive a graduation honor cord (when you graduate) and a certificate of completion.  Your school can receive honors too, for consistent annual entries.
  5. Follow the Now What? section at the end of each lesson to share your progress. You may need to complete some of the lessons or some of your action plan for your project outside of the classroom.  This might be done as homework, club time, or lunch hour.  Be sure to plan with your teacher (while looking at a calendar) the deadlines for each lesson and project part so you get done in time. Your teacher will be there to support your efforts and give you guidance along the way. Communication is the key! Remember it is all due by the posted deadlines each year to compete for the grants!
  6. Have your teacher complete the final Lead4Change Challenge submission question (and final edits to your uploads) to have a chance to win! The teacher will do the “Final Submission” from their Member Dashboard.

Please remember to read all of the challenge rules on the website to be sure you have everything you need to submit your project for one of these awards.  In addition, refer to the Assessment Tools and Resources.

Remember, the Lead4Change lessons are about putting your leadership and teamwork skills to work. We can’t wait to see what you can do to make BIG things happen!

FBLA Adviser Testimonials

The lessons provided in Lead4Change are truly life changing in the impact that they have had so far in my students’ lives. They are stronger and more confident as leaders and members of the team.

Laura Ramos, Fife High School (Washington)

Lead4Change has impacted me as an FBLA Adviser verifying the tenacity of our Pleasant Valley FBLA underclassmen. Using this awesome platform enhanced the skill sets of our members. These stellar members at Pleasant Valley learned adaptability, resilience, flexibility, and teamwork skills through these unprecedented times. They never gave up. They just forged ahead.

Denise Hopely, Pleasant Valley High School (Pennsylvania)

Additional Testimonials

Teachers and students teaching and learning the Lead4Change lessons are our best voices. Short, specific testimonials from a wide range of perspectives. See what our members have to say here.

A sample of past winning FBLA Student Teams

Congratulations to GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the Lead4Change Challenge – Blazin’ Bulldogs, Georgetown High School Georgetown County School District

The FBLA students worked to address the issues of neglected mothers and babies due to teen pregnancies and homelessness in their community. By creating awareness and connection to resources, and gathering donated supplies, the team was able to bring attention and provide assistance to an often overlooked but critical situation in their area.

“So proud of my #AGE members from Pennsylvania FBLA and Avon Grove High School” – AGHS Computer Science Teacher

And a few of the amazing chapter advisers! Lead4Change Student Leadership Program awarded a $500 charitable grant based on the outstanding works of Avon Grove High School, “#AGE” FBLA and Business Education team, West Grove, PA!

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