FBLA-Middle Level Recruitment, Retention, & Recognition

The most important resource of any organization is its members. A large and diverse membership makes for rich brainstorming sessions, unique projects, and lightened individual workloads. The more dependable and enthusiastic members are, the more you accomplish. Enrich your members and build a stronger chapter with these resources:


5 Steps to Recruitment Success

Quick Tips

10 Recruitment Ideas for your FBLA-Middle Level Chapter

Sample Press Release (coming soon)

Sample Member Recruitment Letter

Sample Membership Application

Recruitment Ideas

Professional Division Membership Application

Recruitment Video


To maintain and expand membership, your chapter members must play an active role in recruiting and retaining members. The key to growth is planning and implementing a variety of chapter activities. Keep the following ideas in mind.


Offer incentives for members to join for an additional year, including membership pins, FBLA-PBL T-shirts or other products, FBLA-PBL certificates, and awards for recruiting new members. Institute a rating system where each activity has a specific point value. Reward the member with the most points.

Sample Point System


Implement a mentor program by teaming up new members with experienced members—make them feel important.


Honor past members as part of the induction ceremony for new members or officer installation ceremony. Recognize members who won state or national competitive events the previous year.

Adviser Recognition

Awards & Recognition

FBLA-Middle Level Recognition & Awards