FBLA-Middle Level National Programs

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New this year:

We are pleased to unveil an enhanced FBLA-Middle Level program called LEAD (Leadership | Exploration | Advancement | Development) program, which consists of:

  • Individual Member Programs & Recognition
  • State Chapter Programs & Recognition
  • Competitive Events
  • Open Events

State Chapter Programs & Recognition

Recognition Categories and Deadlines:

Deadlines: October 20 (Fall), April 1 (Spring)

  • Largest State Chapter
  • Largest Increase in State Chapter Membership

Local Chapter Programs & Recognition

1. Chapter Recognition Categories:

  • Largest Local Chapter

Deadlines: April 1 (Largest Local Chapter)

2. Connect Ten—local chapters increase membership by ten or more members over last year’s number.


  • Ribbon (NLC)
  • Website

Deadline: April 1

3. Big Ten—top ten chapters are listed on fbla-pbl.org.


  • Certificate for final top ten chapters
  • Website (public)

Dates: September 1 through April 1

4. Champion Chapter—local chapters complete activities focused on recruitment, retention, community service, and national programs.


  • Online certificate
  • Ribbon (NLC)
  • Standing recognition at FBLA-Middle Level Awards Ceremony (NLC)
  • Website

Dates: August 1 to October 20

Member Programs & Recognition

1. LEAD: Bronze, Silver, and Gold—LEAD is comprised of three recognition levels: Silver, Bronze, and Gold. The activities in each level focus on Leadership, Education, and Community Service.


  • Certificate (generated by adviser)
  • Standing recognition at FBLA-Middle Level Awards Ceremony (NLC)
  • Pin and Digital Badge for each level completed
    • Bronze Pin: local
    • Silver  Pin: state
    • Gold Pin: national

Deadline: March 1

2. Young Leader Award—recognizes members with extraordinary commitment to leadership and community service. Members must have achieved at least the LEAD Silver level to be eligible for this award. Each state may nominate one member to represent them at the NLC for this award.


  • Certificate (generated by chapter adviser from interactive form)
  • Digital Badge
  • Website

Deadline: April 1

Competitive Events

FBLA-ML members may compete in one event at the Baltimore NLC. The top two will be recognized at the NLC with medals.

Individual Events

States may submit one individual. Competitors must pay dues by March 1.

The 5 events offered with be:

  1. Business Math & Financial Literacy (written – 50 questions)
  2. Career Exploration (written – 50 questions)
  3. Introduction to Computer Science & Coding (written – 50 questions)
  4. Elevator Speech (performance) – topic below
  5. Multimedia & Website Development (production) – Design, build, and launch a website the incorporates the elements of website design, proper layout, and proper coding techniques. Topic below

Elevator speech topic: Present an elevator speech to a Senator about how FBLA-ML helps students develop leadership skills and why it is important to have this organization in middle schools. Students must come prepared with at least one visual to leave with judges (flyer, brochure, etc. about FBLA-ML)and a business card. Both items must have been created by them. Judges will role-play the part of the senator and ask up to two questions for student response.

Multimedia & Website Development topic: Promote the new LEAD program. This website must include 1-3 minute multimedia presentation that encourages members to participate in this program and include sounds, photo and image editing, and graphics. This website must also include at least one activity with user interaction (i.e. game, survey, etc.).

Chapter Event

Each state may submit one project. Teams may be made up of 1, 2, or 3 members.

  • Visual aids to the project may be used
  • Internet access will not be provided
  • Five minutes will be allowed to set up and remove equipment and/or any displays
  • The presentation may be no more than 5 minutes in length
  • Judges may ask up to three questions concerning the project for student response.

Teams submit the following to be prejudged:

  • Form
  • 1 Minute Video Summary
  • Press Release

The top five teams will perform at the NLC.

Community Service Project Chapter Event: Describe one community service project that your chapter planned and implemented during the year.

Open Events

Online testing events are open to any FBLA-Middle Level member present at the National Leadership Conference. Prerequisites or registration is not required.

The top winner is awarded at the NLC.

A member competing in an open event is eligible to compete in another individual competitive event or chapter event.

The following open events will be offered the 2018 FBLA NLC for middle level members:

  • Business Ethics
  • Digital Citizenship
  • FBLA Facts
  • Introduction to Business Communications
  • Parliamentary Procedure Concepts