FBLA-Middle Level LEAD Program

Students must be members of the FBLA-Middle Level division and may complete more than one level per year. Members must log their progress and report to the Adviser, who will verify and submit the member’s work for recognition.

Your students receive recognition when they complete each level.

Students have the flexibility to save and document their work using any of the following methods:

  • Google Docs
  • Dropbox
  • Flash Drive
  • Share drive on your server
  • Journaling/blogging platform
  • Social media platforms

Students join Tallo and earn digital badges through this program.

The LEAD program offers the opportunity for your students to earn a variety of digital badges throughout this unique leadership development program, in addition to a badge at the completion of each level that may be uploaded to their online leadership profile.

If your student is under the age of 13, please have their parent sign this parental consent form.

LEAD Levels