Bronze Level for LEAD Program

Deadline: March 1

Instructions: Complete 10 activities.

  • Students: When you’ve completed the activities, share them with your adviser. Include these items on your Tallo online profile:
    • Upload a photo of yourself
    • Describe yourself and your skills in 140 characters or less
    • Add your career interests and skills
    • Upload five projects or activities from the projects that you choose to work on
    • Request the FBLA-ML Member badge
    • Request the LEAD Bronze Level badge
  • AdvisersFill out this form once you’ve verified students have completed the Bronze Level.


1. Electronic LEAD Bronze Level Certificate of Recognition that advisers may download, print, and present at a chapter meeting or event.

2. Electronic LEAD Bronze Level Badge

3. LEAD Bronze Level Pin mailed to the local chapter adviser.

Bronze Level Activities

Leadership: Team Player

Activity 1: Let’s Meet
Attend a chapter meeting. (Record the date and time).

Activity 2: Know the Basics
Create a flyer with the FBLA-PBL Mission, Goals, Creed, and Pledge. (Save a copy of the flyer).

Activity 3: Spread the Word
Create a promotional piece to recruit local chapter members. Examples include a poster or bulletin board encouraging students to join your FBLA-ML chapter. Can be a team collaboration effort. (Post your masterpiece to a social media platform and use the hashtag #FBLAMiddleLevel).

Activity 4: Text. Text.
Text two (2) friends and invite them to the next FBLA-ML meeting. (Share the names of the two friends with your adviser).

Education: Mission Possible

Activity 1: All About Me
Complete the characteristics worksheet. (Save a copy).

Activity 2: My, Smart Phone!
Pretend you are designing a smartphone app. The app is based on YOU and what you bring to your FBLA-ML chapter. Design a mock-up to include: App Name, App logo, 3 traits about yourself, two leadership skills, one dream for your future career, and a tag line. You may use card stock, construction paper, or a computer. (Save a copy of your app – if you have not done it on a computer, scan your design and save a copy).

Activity 3: My Talents and Skills
Join Tallo to create your online leadership profile.

Activity 4: Tweet That!
Select a book, magazine, blog, or video on leadership, careers, or an aspect of business. Create five 140 character messages (the length of a Tweet) that highlight key points. (Save your messages).

Activity 5: Business in Action
Participate in a chapter tour of a local or area business. (Write and save a press release that includes a photo of all of your members in front of the business you visited).

Service: Super Star

Activity 1: Join that Committee
Participate on your chapter’s community service project committee. (Write a brief summary of the projects discussed, what you volunteered to work on, and what you learned from serving on this committee. Include a photo of your community service committee during a meeting with your summary).

Activity 2: Be a HERO for Babies
Research Prematurity Awareness Month and create a rack card to promote World Prematurity Day. (Save a copy of the rack card).

Activity 3: Count on FBLA-ML
Volunteer 5 hours of community service. (Write a brief summary and take a selfie at the community service event).

Activity 4: Become an Eco-Helper
Create a poster that highlights a green idea and design an Earth Day card to reproduce and distribute to chapter members. (Save your poster and card).